Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tepco Blackmails Japan Government Over Re-Starting of Nuclear Reactors?

Mainichi: Doubts linger over safety, necessity of nuclear reactors as gov't eyes quick restart

"Officials close to the prime minister have commented that unless the government clearly states that reactors which can be restarted will be restarted, then nobody will come forward to fill the role of chairman at TEPCO....

It is not only the safety but the necessity of reactors that the government has focused on in its move toward restarting the Oi nuclear reactors. But since Kansai Electric Power Co. was able to avert power shortages last summer and winter by asking people to conserve electricity, the view among consumers is that if effective supply and demand measures are adopted, then there will be no shortage of power. (By Naoki Oita, Political News Department)"

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