Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Nuclear Extortion

[excerpted] "The head of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development urged Japan on Wednesday to resume nuclear electricity generation despite public opposition....

Supporters say without nuclear power, energy-hungry and resource-poor Japan cannot continue to function normally, but critics point to continuing efficiencies that have allowed it to shrug off previous warnings of shortages. "

Majia here: I've reported previously on the efforts to re-start reactors. I believe that the financial welfare of Tepco shareholders and others who benefit from nuclear power are driving this effort.

Japan would be foolish to re-start reactors that may have been damaged in the disaster. The country has a terrible history of very poor nuclear safety and the earthquakes that have shook the nation over the last 14 months are significant and unusual in frequency and magnitude.

The people of Japan favor energy conservation over re-starting reactors.
Nuclear Extortion: Prospective Teco Lenders (and Shareholders?) Demand Re-Start of Nuclear Reactors

Re-Starting Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear power plant in Niigata Prefecture is Genocidal

Kyodo: Fukushima plant device with inadequate quake resistance left for 30 yrs

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