Monday, February 6, 2012

Fukushima Appears to Be on the Edge

There have been quite a few reports in the last 2 days about Fukushima's reactor 2 heating up. The headlines can be read at Enenews and NHK

There also have been quite a few videos posted at Enenews by viewers of the Tepco and JNN webcams showing large steam releases. Many of these videos have been created by the German blogger Nuckelchen, who has spent countless hours viewing and editing releases at the plant. The videos can be viewed here:
and here

Consensus opinion among viewers is that smoke or steam is increasing visibly from unit 2 today, February 6 in the US.

The greatest ongoing debate about the status of the plant centers on (1) the status of the spent fuel pool in unit 4, which appears to be on the verge of collapsing but may have already collapsed in part and (2) the status of the reactor at unit 4, which may have had fuel in it despite official statements to the contrary

There are also debates about whether or not 5 and 6 had a fire present a week or so ago. The fire was detected (and hotly debated) from a zoom in on units 5 and 6 by a cam operator. The fire preceded an EPA Radnet outage in the US and radiation spikes detected in Europe several days later.

The evidence reviewed here documents that the plant is nowhere near "cold shutdown," that radiation releases are not simply continuing, but are in fact increasing, and that an official policy of censorship of accurate data about the plant is being enforced by Japanese and US officials.

Here is the latest data accumulated about total air, water, ground, radiation releases from Fukushima(hat tip AGreenRoad)

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