Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finally, the Mainstream Media Acknowledges Fukushima NOT in Cold Shutdown

This link was posted at Enenews, which is inexplicably down now:

Rising temperatures at Fukushima raise questions over stability of nuclear plant
Majia here: The obvious failure of cold shutdown has finally reached the pages of my local paper, the Arizona Republic:

"Emergency Effort Halts Crisis at Japan Reactor" Feb 8, 2012 p. A2.

"Tokyo Electric Power Co. was forced to use boric acid at its crippled Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant to prevent an accidental chain reaction known as recriticality after temperatures rose in a reactor in the past week... Nuclear engineers have question whether cold shutdown can apply..."

Majia here: The images that have been captured on the Tepco and JNN/TBS webcams over the last couple of weeks show growing evidence of criticalities: fires, massive steam or smoke releases, and glowing radiation distortions.

Every time Enenews goes down I wonder whether something major and terrible has just happened at the plant. I hope my fears are misplaced.

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