Monday, February 13, 2012

Conversation About How Long Governments Can "Hide" Fukushima Fallout Effects

When Bleep Hits Blades wrote:

Re the Fukushima situation, it is just permanently out of control and 'doing its thing.'

The only questions are things like, when will the next big (invisible) blast of radio-nuclides hit us, when will SFP 4 bite the dust, when will there be another hydrogen explosion, when will this situation become so OBVIOUS that TEPCO and the Japanese government and the rest of the world's governments will no longer be able to ignore it and act like everything's still the same in the world.

At some point, it seems that people in large numbers, too large to ignore or explain away, and in places other than Japan, will start presenting with symptoms of radiation toxicity/poisoning, like rashes, bruises (which are not really bruises), nosebleeds, etc.

Are we so whupped, we sheeple, that we are incapable of outrage, and will we continue on in cowed sheep-like obedience no matter what, I wonder.


Majia’s reply 

I think the world's governments are going to deny this even as many people experience a sharp decline in health status.

I think it will be relatively easy for the governments to deny the cause.

Many people know nothing about Fukushima.

Doctors are not trained in detecting sub-acute exposure to radiation poisoning.

Symptoms will be diverse, and not clearly linked to radiation by doctors trained in conventional models of medicine that focus primarily on genes and lifestyle.

Doctors are not trained in detecting bodily symptoms of environmental health crises.

The US government had no difficulty lying about, and explaining away, the health impacts of the Gulf oil spill; at least, as far as the rest of the US was concerned.

So, people may very well lose decades of their life and never know the cause, even while they see deteriorating health all around them…

And Round-up ready, radiation contaminated food will converge synergistically; no doubt the effects will not be pleasant….

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