Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Enenews Up and No New News About Fukushima Other Than Videos

No new information was reported about the escalating issues at Fukushima building unit 2.

Another unit is also having a significant increase in heat, but the unit number seems to change in the Tepco and media reports from 5 to 6. 

Maybe Tepco's way of coding building on fire is "reactor heat increase"?

It is impossible to know what is real when the Tepco headlines in the Japanese press so understate developments at the plant, developments visible despite formidable barriers to transparency.

We learn the most from the Japanese press when they interview experts not employed by Tepco or the national Japanese government.

Because these interviews are rather rare, the general public in Japan and across the globe must discern the most important developments on the Tepco and JNN webcams.

Our interpretations are limited by a variety of factors, including increasingly poor visibility and outright censorship.

However, what has been detected by the public on the webcams is LOTS of steam and a deterioration of the state of reactor 3 building.

The state of building 4 is unknown (by me at least).

The state of building four is very important. It is critical, in fact, because it hosts a massive spent fuel pool at a non-ground level.

Bad things will happen (further contributing to what we have now) if that pool collapses.

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