Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What is Going on with Radiation Levels Across the US?

Ex-SKF has a must read article about corruption in Japan and how it is going to lead to companies being paid by the government to incinerate radioactive debris. Can you imagine financially reinforcing a company to incinerate radioactive debris? http://ex-skf.blogspot.com/2011/08/new-word-to-learn-for-non-japanese.html
This is terrible news for Japan and the rest of the world. I’m sorry. But I don’t think the Japanese are alone in deception and collusion.
What the heck is happening in the US? Why are radiation levels so high in particular US cities?
Is it all from Fukushima via the jet stream, or are there radioactive emergencies happening throughout the country?
I entertained the thought that there were indeed radioactive emergencies all over the country with Fort Calhoun’s problems and then Los Alamos fires.
Then, other cities started having really high levels of radiation (as reported by the EPA). I thought, well these high levels in Des Moines could be from Fort Calhoun and, maybe, explain the high reading s in South Dakota cities as well. I thought the high readings in a city in New Mexico (Carlsbad) and a city in Texas (Amarillo) could be from the wind blowing Los Alamos crap, coupled with censorship and substitution of radiation data in the cities with the highest levels of radiation.
Then, I saw that areas of Virginia and Harrisonburg Pennsylvania had high levels. 
I figured then that Fukushima radiation was in fact spreading contamination all over the US via the jet stream.
Now there has been an earthquake in Virginia and there are reports that a nuclear plant is having trouble and releasing white stuff from their stacks (see comments for links to additional information)http://enenews.com/nuclear-reactors-at-quake-hit-virginia-nuke-plant-are-sitting-on-a-fault-line#comments
Really, what is happening here? What is the mechanism or mechanisms by which we are being poisoned?
I, as a citizen, feel that I have the constitutional right to know what is poisoning my country.
My government is lying to me and it appears to be colluding with the nuclear industry, whether the global or national nuclear industry makes no difference since they are one and the same.
My colleagues in academe are not speaking up. I do not know whether it is because they don’t know (even in physics’ departments????) or whether it is because they are bought and/or afraid of reprisals from industry or university administrations.
But I insist on paying attention to this issue.
What is going on? Why are levels so high throughout the country? I have written and called all my congressional representatives and the EPA. Only one has responded at all, John Kyle. He said he would forward my letter to the EPA. The EPA has not contacted me despite Kyle’s referral.  In fact, I don’t think the EPA is responding to anyone who writes or calls.
I don’t know if it is simply aging plants? I don’t know if it is aging plants and a warming, out-of-equilibrium planet.
I don’t know if weather warfare exists? I don’t know if increased solar or space activity is playing a role.
I really do not know but I do know it is time to find out what is going on!

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  1. Some very smart people, not sheeple, that I know, havent seen in months, they are aware of Fukushima, but had no idea if it was bad. They were shocked, I gave them my best resources, they will be a shocked believer soon. Believer in orwellian madness. Even a rancher wouldn't treat his cattle like this, there must be a reason beyond just greed and power trips.


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