Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WSJ: "As Far as We Know, Everything is Safe" (in Virginia)

Comment by Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman, David McIntyre published in the Wall Street Journal Aug 24 2011 p. A4 in "Nuclear Plant Loses Electricity in Temblor" [sic]

I think they wanted to write "trembler" rather than "Temblor" (trembler means "to shake involuntarily")

But as we know, nuclear regulatory spokespeople and the mainstream media have a great deal of difficulty reporting accurately.

For instance, the article refers once again to a "near-meltdown" in Fukushima, although we know that there were complete meltdowns and even melt-throughs.

Article: Nuclear Plant Loses Electricity in Temblor. Wall Street Journal August 24

Electricity is needed to keep the reactor cores covered with coolant and to keep safe temperatures in spent fuel pools. Problems in both those areas led to the near-meltdown of reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in Japan, following a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami on March 11.”

I've helpfully written the WSJ twice with citation links to help them correct inaccurate reporting.

I guess that my documented corrections are ignored because the WSJ willfully is engaging in outright deception.

Let me say it again differently, the THE WALL STREET JOURNAL IS LYING. 
So, how confident can we be that the North Anna Power Station is in fact "safe" when the possibility exists that the earthquake ruptured internal systems responsible for keeping radiation out of cooling loops.
I think people with geiger counters need to get active in the area to confirm the strategically ambiguous statement by the NRC spokesperson that "as far as we know" all is safe...

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