Wednesday, August 31, 2011

69 Millisieverts a Year for Some Japanese Children

Enenews has a report on two Japanese schools' level of radiation contamination after clean up.

After Cleanup* High school: 7.9 microsieverts/hour — Day care center: 7.1

365(7.9 X 24) = 69204/1000 = 69 millisieverts

Health authorities say 1 millisievert should be our level of exposure

Americans receive between 3-6 millisieverts a year and most of that is from medical imaging.

Can you imagine children receiving 69 millisieverts?

Of course, you might say, that the kids are only there 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

But keep in mind, the readings were taken AFTER cleaning.

You can bet community resources went into cleaning up those schools. People love their children everywhere.

But families are likely not going to be able to put the same level of energy or resources into cleaning their yards and homes.

Furthermore, contaminating is ongoing because of the incineration of radioactive debris.

Finally, the food supply is contaminated so the worst levels of exposure are going to be from internal emitters, inhaled or ingested radionuclides.

The Japanese government needs to stop the incineration of radioactive debris.

The Japanese government needs to evacuate all people using, at the very least, the Chernobyl exclusion zone (which wasn't big enough).

The Japanese government needs to set up and fund adequately a comprehensive food testing system, which it still doesn't have.

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  1. the japanese government has made their position abundantly clear: they represent tepco. they will not evacuate, test, or inform.

    the japanese people must act, a first step is to withdraw their children from school.


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