Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Evidence of Radiation Contamination in US Rain

Hat tip Bobby 1 and Bob Hardin from Enenews

The first link is from a youtuber and finds 1.46 microsieverts an hour outside of Oklahoma City

Rainwater with 178x background radiation in St Louis (I find this source to be very reliable)

CPM of 20,000 per square meter outside of Toronto

Though these cannot be confirmed, they are consistent with the very high radiation readings being reported by the EPA's radnet in a variety of US cities (scroll down page to the radiation search interface)

or check the EPA radnet feed provided by Alexander Higgins at his site

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  1. As I don't follow US media (btw even in europe foxnews is a known joke), I have no idea what the official truth is over there, no news coverage whatsoever? One would suppose that radiation readings such as these would get some publicity even from the main media since the cat is out of the bag in such a obvious way..


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