Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mox Fuel and Nuclear Reactors That Cannot Be Shut Down?

Let me state that I have no idea if this interview reflects reality.

Let me say also that the first time I posted a link to an earlier interview with this individual, someone  commented on my blog within 5 hours that the the interviewee was a "known schizophrenic."

link to earlier interview (which was removed and re-posted)

I do not think that the interviewee is schizophrenic. Across time those with dissenting views have often been labeled "mad," and many times incarcerated for speaking their views of truth to power.

I am not implying that the interviewee is speaking truth. I do not know if his information is correct, but I find the theory intriguing and I find the strong reaction to the interviews curious.

Current events do not make much sense and I believe it important to entertain a wide variety of viewpoints when attempting to interpret data and government policies that do not make sense.

Why are radiation levels so high in some areas of the US?

Why are the Canadian, US, and Japanese governments silent, censoring, and/or lying about radiation levels in their respective countries?

Why are Canada, the US and the rest of the governments of the northern hemisphere allowing Japan to incinerate radioactive waste, thereby contaminating the planet with dangerous levels of radiation?


  1. Um, yeah, that someone commenting was me, and I refresh my browsers tabs on enews, ex-skf and your blog every few hours to see if there have been any new developments and it sounds like you're implying that I'm working for secret police and spying you! :D Just hold your horses for a minute, will you?

    Arto Lauri has been banned from several finnish forums, but not by police or anything like that, but by admins and users who just got bored with his crap. See here,you might want to use google translator or something;

    description of skepsis;

    and also murobbs had some threads that he started about "betaflames" which he quotes on the video aswell. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever, science doesn't even know his "betatorches", and on the video he says that "they were visible while they were building the thing" well sorry, but when you're building a nuclear plant, you really don't have any fuel in it yet, so there isn't a source for radiation. etc.. come on, surely you can find a lot of hilarious and downright crazy stuff this guy is talking about.

    However; I'm sure there HAVE been some cases that TVO (the finnish nuclear company) doesn't wish to get public, such as wrongly built storage areas that have collapsed on the spent fuel and stuff like that, problems at the olkiluoto-3 construction site.
    But he doesn't mention these actual dangers in the interview, maybe they just aren't mediasexy enough, just keeps going on about HAAPRS etc. So while there might be a 0.001% of truth in his stories, most of them are complete and utter bullshit and fantasy stories about non-existant physics, "betatorches", some kind of "crystals" that viberate etc.. use your healthy critisism, but I'm telling you, that guy is honestly nuts.

    "I do not think that the interviewee is schizophrenic. Across time those with dissenting views have often been labeled "mad," and many times incarcerated for speaking their views of truth to power."

    Dear dr. frasier "majia" crane, how many schizophrenics do you know? They can appear to be sane at first, but after a while listening their stories you start to understand that they are actually batshit insane. This is not a case of misunderstood genius or having a dissenting view, unless you count having hallucinations as a dissenting view.

    And while you were wondering about my strong reaction about that guy, well it's pretty simple.

    The fukushima crises is a really, really serious one, and it should not be handled as japanese government seems to be doing, ie. pretty much the same as russians did with chernobyl (lied, denied, buried the truth etc). Now, there are SERIOUS things to consider, there are ACTUAL facts with REAL physics and REAL dangers, but what the hell about realities and facts when we have a looney like mr. Lauri here with his nonsense, telling people pretty much the horror stories they love to hear, no matter if they have any basis in reality. And that makes me angry; people choose to listen fantasy stories while being conforted with a real danger with real facts.

    Sorry, this one came out to be quite a long one, but I just had to write it to express my frustration.

  2. I understand. I am frustrated also. The lies never cease and as I mentioned before the line between truth and fantasy is clouded.

    You have to realize that I have experienced some very overt cyber-warfare, including having my email hacked.

    I see events around me as out of control. Is it simply an aging industrial sector? Is it that coupled with an aging planet? Is there some truth to the claim that weather warfare is occurring? What is going on?

    Everywhere I look I see that established scientific authority has lied overtly and so I can no longer trust the institutions I grew up in.

    It is a very disconcerting time...


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