Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Using Mace Against "Disobedient" High School Student


John Swaine writes on December 6, 2010 at The Telegraph:

"Alabama students sue authorities over alleged police brutality
A group of school pupils in Alabama is suing the local education authority for running a "police state" in which officers are allegedly using "chemical weapons" to enforce discipline.

"Seven students in Birmingham, Alabama, have filed a class action lawsuit against the city's education board and the local police force over the frequent use of Mace, or pepper spray, in schools.

"The spray is readily used to "enforce basic school discipline", the lawsuit claims, and "school personnel not only watch, but sometimes even celebrate when schoolchildren are maced".

" The city has police officers in every school under a scheme designed to ensure the safety of pupils, the lawsuit states. But 'officers have abandoned their primary mission', the pupils allege, 'in order to become stools of school personnel who have abdicated their disciplinary responsibilities'"

Majia here: Puting police in schools and making them the "disciplinarians" for every "incident" is a formula for disaster. Too many cops relish their weapons.

Using mace and pepper spray against students at school is appalling and sickening but demonstrates once again the lapse of the US into what Max Keiser describes as a "neo-feudal gulag" economy/society.

Welcome to the gulag....

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