Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The blogger at the Burning Platform describes himself as a conservative but I find myself usually in strong agreement with his analyses. His most recent post is no exception. I find his analysis right on. Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the article:

"Have you noticed the latest sound bites coming from the punditry in the corporate mainstream media? Here is the latest wisdom flowing from the lying mouthpieces of the ruling oligarchy (Wall Street, Washington DC, Mega-corporations):

'The economy is recovering and employment is growing.'

'Consumers are deleveraging, saving and using cash for purchases.'

'Retailers are doing fantastic as consumers increase spending.'

"These are the three themes being proclaimed simultaneously by the mainstream media. Every time I hear these themes proclaimed, I want to shout out like Joe Wilson – “YOU LIE!!!”

"How can consumers be deleveraging, saving and increasing spending at the same time? Let’s examine the facts to see who is lying...."

Majia here: His analysis is worth reading.

Also worth reading is John Pilger's debunking of war mythology


It is clear that the mainstream press is incapable of reporting objectively or without hidden agendas on any important issue anymore. War reporting has always been propagandistic, as Pilger demonstrates, but the lies about the economy seem to have reached new heights...

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