Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back to Blogging with Back to the Gulf

Washington's Blog and Florida Oil Spill Law are keeping up the fight to continue to alert people of the disastrous and ongoing oil catastrophe in the Gulf region. Thank you.

Washington's Blog writes:

"To give an example of the ongoing crisis in the Gulf, here's a roundup of some of the top stories from FOSL from the past 3 days:

Toxicologist now dealing with at least three autopsies in Gulf — “People who’s esophaguses are dissolving”

Healthy teenager, 16, hospitalized after swimming in Gulf on AUGUST 30 — “Compromised lung” & “enlarged heart”

Boat captain mentioned on NPR: “Internal bleeding — Very, very sick”

Toxicologist: 4 to 5 MILLION people on Gulf Coast exposed to dangerous levels of oil — Going to have incredible health effect

“We’re starving” — “There are no fish in the waters… and any fish we would see, we would not eat”

Reporter STEPS onto beach, is then forced by private security to be “decontaminated” — “Yes” it’s about dispersants
Boat captain “bleeding from her vagina” — “I’m bleeding from my anus, too… This thing is killing me”
Oct. 19: “A seemingly unrelenting tide of oil” surprises pilot with “countless” flights over Gulf in last 6 months

Report: Homeland Security agents want organizer to “shut up” — Told by BP to “back off”

Captain: Mullet observed eating “dispersant as it gathered along the tide line”
Massive SHELF of tar exposed on beach in Pensacola

Not just the coast to be affected: “It is going to keep going further and further in”

“Still so much oil and dispersant in the environment” says Gulf Restoration Network executive director

“ALL” oyster beds are “dead or dying” says top oysterman — “Very pessimistic”
Local Official: “The oil is not evaporating — it’s not dissipating, it’s sitting there”
Florida woman: Oil found in batch of oysters while eating

Scientists: Acceptable levels of toxic PAH in the Gulf raised simply for the BP disaster
BP admits oil buried “30 inches under ground"

MAJIA HERE: also see Steve Lendman's must-read essay on the Massive Cover Up in the Gulf

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