Monday, June 28, 2010

Who Takes Their Children To Oil Soaked Beaches

First let me express my appreciation for all of the bloggers who are researching and reporting on the oil spill. I am particularly greatful for Washington's Blog and Alexander Higgins' Blog.

Second, Alexander Higgins today has a detailed post addressing Florida beaches that have been soaked with oil, but were opened to the public nonetheless

The beaches are covered with tarballs, known to be toxic. Oil covers the beaches and there is oil sheen in the water. All animal life is missing. Yet people, CHILDREN, are at the beach and wading in the water.

What kind of parents would bring their children to an oil covered beach and allow them to play on the beach and wade in the water?

Perhaps only psychoanalysis can reveal these complex, death-denying motivations that push parents to expose their children to KNOWN toxins.

Perhaps these are the types of conservatives who believe the government, at every level, always speaks truth and that corporations are always ethical and motivated first by the public interest.

Perhaps these are people so beholden to an oil-based economy and lifestyle that they must repress and deny the concretely evident fact that oil is a poison that controls whose who claim its mastery.

Apparently 400 people sought medical care after visiting these beaches in this county in Florida . I can only hope that none of them were children....

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