Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Role of Fraud: White Collar Crime Pays

Fraud--deliberate and premeditated fraud--played a big role in the financial crisis and the biggest culprits were not "subprime" borrowers but rather were sophisticated Wall Street "suits."

Isn't it interesting how these white collar criminals get away with bringing down economies and destroying lives yet the street criminal who burglarizes is put away for years in the worst of prisons.

James Galbraith has a great essay exploring white collar fraudsters. Max Keiser and Gerald Celente have also explained in great and exceptionally clear detail how Wall Street CRIMINALS pilfered the nation and continue to do so.

Galbraith's essay is staid compared to Keiser's and Celente's accounts, but Galbraith specifically addresses academic and government economists' complicity in helping Wall Street CRIMINALS get away with murdering a country...

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