Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Thanatopolitics and Vaccine Apartheid


Thanatopolitics is a politics of letting die as much as it is a politics of killing.

Letting Die....


The data reviewed by Dr. Campbell came directly from Pfizer's Cumulative Analysis of Post-Marketing Adverse Reactions Dec 1, 2020 to Feb 28, 2020. 

Campbell observes that the total number of vaccines given by Pfizer during this 3 month period was redacted from the data release. Although it is impossible to calculate the percentage of adverse events in relation to total vaccination events during this 3 month period, the reported total of 42,086 cases of adverse events raises questions about the cost-benefit analysis.

See for yourself:


What is being hidden? 

Note that "The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid Data It Collects" The New York Times

The cost-benefit calculations need recalculation, especially for healthy people.
And then there is the subject of the vaccine apartheid promoted by Democrat politicians and political appointees, and the legacy media in ways that were fraudulent and shameful.

Read this truly exceptional critique of the shameful practices that were employed to make the unvaccinated and under-vaccinated a new class of untouchables here:

Why Anger towards the Unvaccinated was Intentional Psychological Manipulation.


This happened to me

My employment was threatened because I did not get the second vaccine after a serious systemic reaction and lasting heart pain from the first shot.

Former friends refused to believe me when I shared the terrible adverse events experienced by 50% of my household. We are still dealing with surgeries and medical bills from these adverse events.

Several of my former friends were no longer interested in associating with me after I shared that we were vaccine-injured.

These people who I thought were capable of critical thinking had been subject to a concerted propaganda campaign that invoked categories of pollution and mortal threat to create this vaccine apartheid. 

Efforts to create a class of untouchables, denied basic liberties and employment, meet the criteria of evil and the people who fell for it - willing to throw out people on the street to starve and to deny them medical care because of their under-vaccinated status - were weak victims.


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