Thursday, August 6, 2020

Covid-19 Human Tragedy

The official US job loss is growing and yet it fails to capture the true scale of economic dislocation, with  jobless claims now exceeding 54 million over the past four months, wiping out the 20 million jobs added over the last decade by a near three-to-one margin.

The Nation reported that a "Wave of Evictions" is coming.

The global impacts are even worse with food insecurity rising alarmingly worldwide.

Global supply chains are vulnerable.

Global conflict will surely rise in the context of food insecurity and rising disease impacts.

The time is now to act decisively and on an unprecedented scale to ensure that people's basic needs for housing and food are met globally or we will face an unprecedented decade of upheaval.

New leadership needed NOW!


  1. understated but very well written and true and thanks

  2. covid19 denialism is similar to nuclear and fukushima denialism.
    It is slightly inverted, in some groups. The same republican scum that denys fukushima are extreme covid19 denialists.
    The others are frw phonies that used fuku, as a straw dog to push their agendas. Politicized junk science and junk thinking


  4. Dr Fauci just said he and his family are getting death threats to the point his family has had to get security.

    ➡️ When the pandemic is raging, public health experts like Fauci being targeted is one of the despicable things. He’s just trying to find treatments folks. #COVID19

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. that is a pretty criminal thing to write. accessorizing death threats

    3. Heck why read this blog, or post information here. It is dangerous. This guy is encouraging threats of violence. Violence of this sort is going on, it is everywhere.

    4. I will DELETE any threats of violence.

      Please be civil. Thank you.

  5. By "new leadership" do you mean Biden? More people like Gov. Whitmore and Cuomo? Like the mayor of Portland and the Gov. of Washington. While you don't say it, it is hard not to hear get rid of Trump in the expression new leadership. So, Hillary? Or Senator Hirono? Schumer?

    Prior to the disease I thought the USA was doing well. Unfortunately Trump was stuck with Fauci instead of someone like Dr Scott Atlas of Stanford University. Fauci is part of the bureaucratic, scientific, technological army of experts increasingly dominating societies.

    Most of us organize and run our lives on anecdotal evidence. Have you ever done a clinical, double blind study on how you are raising your children?

    We now have chance for an experiment. Let the Blue states keep the schools closed and the Red states have them open. By this time next year the results will be in. Otherwise, ordinary schools are finished as the death rate of Covid is about one per million for under 18, while it is three or four per million for the annual flu.

    The current mess can be laid at the feet of the CCP. Yes, I think the USA would have done better following Sweden. Herd immunity will end Covid-2 and not some vaccination of dubious effectiveness and safety.


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