Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Fukushima Daiichi and Other News

High humidity in Fukushima produces interesting webcam visual effects:

Meanwhile, the Pacific "blob" is back:

Pierre-Louis, K. (2019, October 21). The Return of the 'Blob': Hawaii's Reefs Threatened by Marine Heat Wave. The New York Times, https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/10/21/climate/hawaii-coral-bleaching.html?nl=todaysheadlines&emc=edit_th_191022?campaign_id=2&instance_id=13265&segment_id=18112&user_id=96df00a4a9c822b03be11b8b3c7df254&regi_id=329620001022

Researchers said the heat wave was reminiscent of 2014, when a hot spot that became known as the blob began forming in the Pacific. It expanded and lingered over much of the Pacific Coast from Mexico to Alaska for years.


  1. The Nuclear, ninth gate of hell, grows.

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  2. 30 abandoned smr nuclear reactors in orbit put their by russians and americans

  3. Better link 30 smr nuclear reactors put into space and we thought there were only the cesium137 nuclear batter rpgs. put into orbit in the 60s and 70s by lying american and russian nucleoapes. insane bastards

    1. Anyone of dozens of reactors, in america could explode in the next year because they are embrittled deteriorating , more than 20 or 30 years old and completely unsupervised.
      Waterford in La, was damaged by massive flooding from the Midwest USA and  the last Hurricane.
      8 reactors in florida, tennessee and georgia could go with the Tropical storm currently pounding them, since hurricane Michael.
      Diablo canyon was severely damaged by a 7.0 earthquake in southern California in the last few months. It was damaged, embrittled and crumbling before that.
      STP has no backup . It had flooded 3 times in 3 years. It has a large crack in its massive used fuel pool.

      The two shitty 40 year old fukushima style reactors at Richland washington, by Hanford have earthquake damage , significant embrittlemnent, and completely faulty backup.

      There are more than 22 shittly 40 year old Fukushima style reactors in murica, with suspended Used fuel pools above ground with little or no backup, that could go at any time.
      All reactors in Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and the eastern seaboard are subject to flooding. Many to hurricanes. Many to the new norm of eartquakes from fracking induced damage, to the new madrid faults and other faults. No backup . Shitty 30 year old surplus, diesel generators, that are sure to fail in an emergency. Contract workers on drugs. Corroded water pipes  and vent pipes used to cool the reactors. Old, out-of-date computer control systems, that can easily fail at any time.
      Palo Verde has almost completely unreliable backup. Their diesel backups have failed three times in the past 4 years. It is in the middle of a water poor desert.  Palo Verde, uses sewer water as a coolant. It has a cracked fuel pool.
      Brunswick in carolina, has damaged containment, multiple leaks and no access to some critical areas in the nuclear plant, after hurricanes Florence and Maria.
      Indian point is at the brink of melltdown by new york city because it is so old and it has had so many transformer fires. It continues to leak tritium and the worst gamma emiiting radionuclides like cesium 137, iodine131 and strontium 90 like a sieve, by new york city.
      Davis Besse, fermi, oyster creek all have holes in their containtment. 
      All 90 shitty old reactors unreinforced and unsupervised under fuko the clown, and the brain damaged coked-out fairy rick perry.
      The other 6 reactors in flood and earthquake zones like  the  90 other, very old death machines.
      Fuko is refusing to cleanup santa susana and hanford now. Fuko is responsible for Davis Besse. Fuko is allowing radioactive food to come from Japan. Fuko is responsible for the nuclear catastrophes at santa susana and idaho nuclear laboratory, in the past two years . Fuko is responsible for the nuclear explosion in russia recently, by abrogating nuclear arms treaties and massively escalating nuclear arms proliferations and a new nuclear arms race.. Fuko is responsible for upcoming nuclear catastrophe in the USA in the next 6 months.
      Fukos creepy teaparty and extremist base  , said they cared about fukushima. Some promised that fuko would do something about nuclear . It did the exact opposite. It is pushing america into several fukushimas and new massive flooding of america with radionuclides. Lying-insane,greedy things

  4. Majia would u clearthe Davis Richardson SPAM PLEASE. It is reported to Google. They did nothing. Looks to be a sicko operative

    The failure of nuclear reprocessing and the “Plutonium Economy”

    Christina MacPherson
    17 hours ago

    Paul Richards The Plutonium Economy failed. nuclear fuel cycle watch australia, 25 Oct 19,
    No one on the planet has been able to run unspent nuclear fuel through twice, and make it economically viable, let alone the countless times needed to make it ecologically viable.

    It costs more to run unspent fuel through once more than to

    • mine uranium,
    • process for shipping
    • process into yellowcake
    • make into rods
    • ship rods onsite to reactors

    There is little to NO CHANCE of doing that again, and again.

    Business history shows this wasn’t possible when;

    • uranium was at its peak in price in 1980

    2019, about to enter the third decade of the 21C, where commodities exchanges show nuclear fuel it is;

    • LOWEST PRICE than in all of economic history,

    and yet it still can’t compete with any other energy sources.

    Nuclear apologists are a joke, delusional.

    The nuclear sales executives of the nuclear estate have been busy rebranding, white and greenwashing their product is ever since Ronald Reagan announced The Plutonium Economy failed.

    In point of fact, carbon fuel, gas spinning a turbine, has been producing cheaper energy fully levelized for three decades than any nuclear reactor.

    Large scale

    • solar PV and
    • on-offshore wind turbines
    • reached PARITY with
    • carbon fuel NATURAL GAS

    late last decade on an LCOE basis.

    For this whole decade these;

    • renewable systems
    • fully lifecycle factored
    • are cheaper than even carbon fuels

    300 words left

  5. The Japanese are absolutely Nuts. The Russians expect Japanese people to move back into muclear exclusions zones. The russians never have to this day done that 33 uears after chernobyl. Barbaric. The japanese want to have olympics at fukushima
    Now it is contaminated twice as badly and there are doubled amounts of nuclear waste going into the sea.

    From Majias Blog



    There hasn't been much news coverage of the impacts of Typhoon Hagibis on the contaminated water problem at Fukushima Daiichi. For example, The New York Times coverage of the typhoon discusses the contaminated water stored in the tanks and it mentions the bags of contaminated debris that were swept out to sea by the typhoon but doesn't address the contaminated ground water that flows excessively into the ocean after heavy rains at the site.

    Bloomberg reported in 2014 that between May 2011 and August 2013, an estimated 20 trillion becquerels of cesium and 10 trillion becquerels of strontium entered ocean via groundwater from fukushima
    Tepco says up to 20 trillion becquerels of cesium-137, 10 trillion becquerels of strontium-90 and 40 trillion becquerels of tritium entered the ocean via groundwater, Between May 2011 and August 2013 http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-20/tepco-says-new-leak-of-radioactive-water-found-at-fukushima-site.html

    From Me

    Most all radionuclides, generate their own heat through decay called decay heat. It is what caused the massive Kyrshtem Disaster at Mayak, russia from a 100, 000 gallon tank exploding, in 1958 that was full of cesium 137 strontium 90 and plutonium etc and ammonia and nitrate. The explosion made 300 square miles of russia uninhabitable.  Decay heat is what powers radioactive batteries in space and the arctic called RPGs.
    Hanford has 55 million gallons of the same explosive toxic soup in washington, from 75 years of uranium and  pluonium processing to make bombs and the first nuclear reactora. If any of those tanks lost too much water and got too hot it would be worse than Mayak.


    1. America has detonated nuclear bombs in the arctic and abandoned nuclear reactors and dumped massive amounts of waste into the pacific and arctic oceans.


      Some documented Russian Dumping


      The russians pushed 14 abondoned nuclear reactors into the arctic ocean in th 50s and sixties.

      The French just went out and dumped nuclear waste, all over hell in the north atlantic  to the south pacific and even by New Zeeland where they blue up a Greanpeace boat that was dogging them.

      The French, dump enormous amounts of Plutonium and other Radionuclides into the English Channel at its plutonium reprossing Faciliity at La Hague
      Anyonone who has worked with radiopharmaceuticals will tell you they are not just radioactively hot. They generate thermal heat in small concentrations.

      Fire in the oceans Warm Blobs

      The combined Nucleoapes are France, England, Japan, America, and Russia . They have dumped  a million or more of high level reactor waste, uranium waste, uranium and and plutonium processing radionuclides, medical isotopes, old nuclear submarines and reactors  and military waste  into the north atlantice, north pacific and arctic oceans. 

      200 thousand  tons of High level waste from nuclear reactors, abandoned nuclear submarines, and the russians have pushed reactors into the arctic ocean alone and then there are the radionuclides going into the pacific and arctic currents from Fukushima.

      Think of all the radioactive waste runoff from America , Canada, Korea, Russia, China , France England and other Countries that process and have reactors like Germany pakistan and india

    2. The americans have abandoned reactors in the actic.
      Americans french , english  and russians have dumped hundreds of thousands of tons of medium level and so called low level nuclear waste into The Arctic Ocean, The North Atlantic Ocean, The Baltic Sea, and the North Pacific ocean in the past 65 years. Most of it is in the Arctic ocean. Fukushima is dumping into an arctic current as well as the pacific.
      Arctic currents recirculate into the Northern Atlanic and north  pacific . 

      Masses of radionuclide clump together. Likes attract likes. It is not too hard that blob masses of radionuclides from fukushima and the arctic ocean , could pool together to form lager blobs and migrate south,  like the warm blobs and el ninos in the pacific or become sequestered in huge plastic islands circulating in the pacific. Remember, Radionuclides generate their own thermal heat through decay. Many radionuclides like plutonium are also pyrophoric like phosphorus and can self generate fires.
      I think pyrophoric radionuclide contamination is responsible for the huge Wildfires at the highly radionuclide-contaminated and huge properties at santa susana  and INL. These places are where that worst nuclear melrdowns u never heard of , occured in the 60s by los angeles and by idaho falls.
      A bad wildfire occured at santa susana 2 years ago. It started on the contaminated SANTA SUSANA PROPERTY.

      A bad wildfire happened on the 200 square mile Idaho national laboratory late July ,2019.. It was  massive wild fire that  burned  100,000  acres right in the middle of the 200 square mile  Idaho National   Laboratory  Reservation. In spite of the lies by the media there were old buildings there abandoned reactors and nuclear waste and the fire spead massive contamination like the wild fire at santa susana did. There are massive amounts of nuclear waste at INL  Thousands of tons of it. The governments has tested 50 nuclear reacotors at INL in the past 65 years.
      INL has two bad nuclear meltdowns there in the fifties and sixties you probably never heard of. .

      It is not too hard to concieve that decay heat from fukushima, and a million tons of nuclear waste is doing something in the arctic ocean and the north pacific ocean. The ice is melting in alaska, the arctic, greenland and north siberia.

      There are umprecedented wildfires in those alaska and siberia now. The arctic ocean is warming very fast there are unprecedented warm blobs in the pacific causing hurricanes and droughts.

    3. Second sentwnce of the first paragraph should be
      The Japanese are absolutely Nuts. The "JAPANESE GOVERNMENT" expectS Japanese people to move back into muclear exclusions zones.


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