Friday, September 20, 2019

On “the Most Pleasant and Successful Anarchy”

Snowden, E. (2019, Sep 18). Exclusive: Edward Snowden’s First Adventures in Cyberspace. The Nation

Excerpted discussion by Snowden of the 1990s-era Internet: “Computer-science professors and systems engineers, moonlighting English majors and basement-dwelling armchair political economists were all only too happy to share their research and convictions—not for any financial reward, but merely to win converts to their cause. And whether that cause was PC or Mac, macrobiotic diets or the abolition of the death penalty, I was interested. I was interested because they were enthused.

As the millennium approached, the online world would become increasingly centralized and consolidated, with both governments and businesses accelerating their attempts to intervene in what had always been a fundamentally peer-to-peer relationship. But for one brief and beautiful stretch of time—a stretch that, fortunately for me, coincided almost exactly with my adolescence—the Internet was mostly made of, by, and for the people. Its purpose was to enlighten, not to monetize, and it was administered more by a provisional cluster of perpetually shifting collective norms than by exploitative, globally enforceable terms-of-service agreements. To this day, I consider the 1990s online to have been the most pleasant and successful anarchy I’ve ever experienced.”

I am reminded of the early days of Enenews. These days algorithmic censorship has shut down that anarchy, although the darkness simply retreats further into the dark web.



  1. Unless you participated in the 80s , most people had no idea about nuclear. There is all the imformation out now people could possibly get, since fukushima.
    Americans cannot get reactors closed that arw on the verge of meltdowns.

    Its worse now than it was before and after 3 mile island in the USA. That is, even w fukushima.

    The internet was used to put this nuclear monster and its minions in. People continue to lap up its shit.

    You are wrong majia their is something fundamentally wrong w people beyond the insanity of the nucleoapes.

    1. People will have to get off their asses and get off the internet to change anything . Like they did before.

    2. There has been ample information about nuclear and its hazards since the 1959's; in fact, people back then were more aware than even now. With our climate change hoax nuclear power is back on both side of the divide. Solving one hoax with another--what could be better? What is wrong with people has been chronicled since the beginning. The Bible is loaded with stories of human folly. Telling lies probably wins the race for evil. For some reason Democrats can not help themselves from telling tall tales. Republicans are less imaginative.

    3. erratum: 1959's should read 1950's


      The nuclear insanity of this administartion dwarfs all previous administrations. Deregulation. Nuclear war is survivable. Nuclear space wars. Nuclear reactors in the battlefield. Nuclear safety regulation by Nuclear Operators. Nuclear weapons in space. SMRs.  Nuclear reactors for mars. Intermediate range nuclear missiles. The most extreme money wasting insanity as the world drowns in floods of radionuclides.
      There will be a major nuclear accident in the USA in the next few months .
      1. Trump has deregulated the safety supervision of reactors in america.

      2. Trump has failed to reinforce reactors in the face of natural disaters after, what was seen to happen with fukushima. Trump is allowing nuclear operators to monitor their own safety is a large part of the extent of the Chernobyl and Fukushima Catastrophes.  No other presdent has done this, since more independent operators were allowed to run nuclear reactors in the USA in the 1970s and 1980s.

      3. The 97 reactors in the USA are all embrittled. Most are more than 25 years old. Many 30 to 56 years old . All, well past their closing dates.  Trump Forces them to stay opened. Trump forces taxpayers to foot the bill for these unprofitable planet killers.

      Harvey Wasserman on the ONGOING OHIO Debacles

      4. They all have poor power backup, in the face of natural disasters and other emergencies. Inability to prevent meltdowns from lack of power. Lack of backup that will lead to nuclear meltdowns, explosions,  and fuel fires soon like Fukushima.

      5. They all suffer form management and corporate malfeasance. Nuclear operators keep reactors going with earthquakes, hurricanes and floods going on right on top of them . This has been demonstrated recently, with STP project in Bay City Texas with Hurricane Harvey, massuce earthquakes in s Calfornia with diablo canyon. Hurricane Maria and Brunswick Nuclear Plant.

      6. The operators use contract labor with no drug monitoring and outdated Nuclear computer instrumentation and monitoring systems.

      7. Rotting infrstructure. Embrittled containment and reactor vessels. Failing and corroded pipes. 30  year old  rusted, surplus , diesel backup generators that fail to crankup in test drills. Failing cooling systems. Holes in reactor containment.



    5. Do mess around wasting time with geiger counters. Get yourself a gamma spectrometer or a scintillometer. Artificial  Radionuclides are easily detected everywhere in the northern hemisphere now. Most people do not want to talk about this. Scinitallators and spectrometers cheap now. Can Extrapolate too.
      Dr Busby Field Gamma Spectrometer

      There are major insect killoffs going on in the world
      Radionuclides are the most toxic substances in the world. They are primary initiators in extinctions because of their mutagenicity and extreme toxicity

      Massive bird die-offs


    6. The reality of disappearing bugs is legit scary. An article in the February 2019 Atlantic magazine explains:

      “The loss of even a small percent of insects might also be disproportionately consequential. They sit at the base of the food web; if they go down, so will many birds, bats, spiders, and other predators. They aerate soils, pollinate plants, and remove dung and cadavers; if they disappear, entire landscapes will change.”

      We already knew that the commercial honeybee, a crucial pollinator of food staples, was in trouble.  That was alarming enough.  Now we know it’s insects in general. Actually, it is life forms in general; so many species have recently become extinct or are in steep decline, credible scientists are warning that we are entering the sixth mass extinction event the earth has ever seen, this one driven by human activity.  A growing number of experts are calling for this age to be formally recognized as a new geologic epoch, one defined by the depth and scope of human impact on the climate and environment: the Anthropocene, a term derived from Greek that means “the recent age of man.”

      This new epoch—which some say starts with the atomic age, others with the advent of agriculture— is an age of wonders and abundance. Things that many of us take for granted—like hot indoor showers and electric stoves, or expecting all your children to live to adulthood—were luxuries beyond imagination to previous generations, never mind technological sorcery like computers and the internet, space travel, and genetic engineering.

      But the Anthropocene way of life has costs: an ocean choked with plastic yet bereft of fish, unavoidable exposures to carcinogens in daily life, and disruption to the global climate itself, to name just a few. And while some people benefit greatly from our dominance over the natural world, others are exploited for labor or made to bear the costs (like polluted drinking water) while being left out of the benefit.

      In the USA there are nuclear waste piles and huge nuclear waste areas are monuments to the recent age of man. The wests main economic driver, industrial tourism, is quintessentially Anthropocene, as enormous amounts of energy and other resources are used for humans to crisscross the globe for leisure.

      Now, as never before in our history, we live with the potential for epic self-made disasters like nuclear meldowns. I can’t help but wonder, which one will first affect us in a way no one can ignore? Will it be nuclear war? An antibiotic-resistant superbug? Multiple large-scale crop failures due to extreme weather and pollinator decline, both driven in part by climate change? What might happen if multiple events like these happen close together? And is it even a question of “if,” or is it more like, “when?”

      “Humans may die off, but the earth will go on.” I’ve heard people say variations on this many times.

      Maybe I would find this a comforting thought, were it not for these young, small people that I care about more than anything else.

      Best-case scenario, my children will grow up in a world that is coming together, healing from our current toxic politics and learning to adapt to new normals like hotter temperatures, more extreme weather, less predictability for agriculture and therefore our food supply. But it’s also possible that we won’t get our act together, and that life will get harder, maybe much harder.

      I’ve been reading articles and columns lately by or about women who have chosen to not have children due to concerns around overpopulation, climate change, resource pressures and the general uncertainty of the future. I understand the decision, and it breaks my heart

    7. New Nuclear Reactor Lies SMRs Wave Salt reactors

      The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector is dystopian
      Posted by Christina MacPherson, Jim Green – Nuclear Monitor 10th September 2019 The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector is dystopian because of its connections to fossil fuel mining and nuclear weapons proliferation.
      A documentary called New Fire was released promoting ‘advanced’ nuclear power concepts last year. The heroes of the film were young entrepreneurs Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie, founders of a start-up called Transatomic Power that was developing a ‘Waste-Annihilating Molten-Salt Reactor’.
      Problems arose during the long gestation of New Fire. Transatomic Power gave up on its plan to use nuclear waste as reactor fuel after its theoretical calculations were proven to be false, and the waste-annihilating reactor was reinvented as a waste-producing, uranium-fuelled reactor.

      Worse was to come: just before the release of New Fire, Transatomic Power went broke and collapsed altogether. An epic fail.


      The Australian parliament’s ‘inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy‘ is shaping up to be another epic fail. The conservative chair of the inquiry claims that “new technologies in the field are leading to cleaner, safer and more efficient energy production.”

      But the ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector isn’t advanced and it isn’t advancing.

      The next ‘advanced’ reactor to commence operation will be Russia’s floating nuclear power plant, designed to help exploit fossil fuel reserves in the Arctic ‒ fossil fuel reserves that are more accessible because of climate change. That isn’t ‘advanced’ ‒ it is dystopian.

      Russia’s enthusiastic pursuit of nuclear-powered icebreaker ships (nine such ships are planned by 2035) is closely connected to its agenda of establishing military and economic control of the Northern Sea Route ‒ a route that owes its existence to climate change.

      China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) says the purpose of its partly-built ACPR50S demonstration reactor is to develop floating nuclear power plants for oilfield exploitation in the Bohai Sea and deep-water oil and gas development in the South China Sea.


      ‘Advanced’ nuclear reactors are advancing climate change. Another example comes from Canada, where one potential application of small reactors is providing power and heat for the extraction of hydrocarbons from tar sands.

      Some ‘advanced’ reactors could theoretically consume more nuclear waste than they produce. That sounds great ‒ until you dig into the detail.

      An article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ‒ co-authored by Allison Macfarlane, a former chair of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission ‒ states that “molten salt reactors and sodium-cooled fast reactors – due to the unusual chemical compositions of their fuels – will actually exacerbate spent fuel storage and disposal issues.”

      The subclass of sodium-cooled fast reactors called ‘integral fast reactors’ (IFRs) could theoretically gobble up nuclear waste and convert it into low-carbon electricity, using a process called pyroprocessing.

      But an IFR R&D program in Idaho has left a god-awful mess that the Department of Energy (DOE) is struggling to deal with. This saga is detailed in a 2017 article and a longer report by the Union of Concerned Scientists’ senior scientist Dr. Edwin Lyman, drawing on documents obtained under Freedom of Information legislation.


      Dr. Lyman writes: “Pyroprocessing has taken one potentially difficult form of nuclear waste and converted it into multiple challenging forms of nuclear waste. DOE has spent hundreds of millions of dollars only to magnify, rather than simplify, the waste problem. …

      The FOIA documents we obtained have revealed yet another DOE tale of vast sums of public money being wasted on an unproven technology that has fallen far short of the unrealistic projections that DOE used to sell the project”.

    8. Some ‘advanced’ reactors could theoretically consume more fissile (explosive) nuclear material than they produce. Instead of contributing to weapons proliferation risks and problems, they could contribute to the resolution of those problems.

      That sounds great ‒ until you dig into the detail. After Russia’s floating nuclear plant, the next ‘advanced’ reactor to commence operation may be the Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR) in India.


      The PFBR has a blanket with thorium and uranium to breed fissile uranium-233 and plutonium respectively ‒ in other words, it will be ideal for weapons production.

      India plans to use fast breeder reactors (a.k.a. fast neutron reactors) to produce weapon-grade plutonium for use as the initial ‘driver’ fuel in thorium reactors

      There’s nothing “cleaner, safer and more efficient” about India’s ‘advanced’ reactor program. On the contrary, it is dangerous and it fans regional tensions and proliferation concerns in South Asia ‒ all the more so since India refuses to allow International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards inspections of its ‘advanced’ nuclear power program.

      And if those regional tensions boil over into nuclear warfare, catastrophic climate change will likely result. Fossil fuels provide the surest route to catastrophic climate change; nuclear warfare provides the quickest route.


      The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector isn’t advanced ‒ it is dystopian. And it isn’t advancing ‒ it is regressing.

      The Russian government recently clawed back US$4 billion from Rosatom’s budget by postponing its fast neutron reactor program; specifically, by putting on hold plans for what would have been the only gigawatt-scale fast neutron reactor anywhere in the world.

      France recently abandoned plans for a demonstration fast reactor. Pursuit of fast reactor technology is no longer a priority in France according to the World Nuclear Association.

      And funding is tight because of yet another failing project: a 100-megawatt materials testing reactor that is 500 percent over-budget (and counting) and eight years behind schedule (and counting).

      Other fast reactor projects have collapsed in recent years. TerraPower abandoned its plan for a prototype fast reactor in China last year due to restrictions placed on nuclear trade with China by the Trump administration, and requests for US government funding have reportedly received a negative reception.

      The US and UK governments have both considered using GE Hitachi’s ‘PRISM’ fast reactor technology to process surplus plutonium stocks ‒ but both governments have rejected the proposal.


      Fast reactors and other ‘advanced’ concepts are sometimes called Generation IV concepts.

      But fast reactors have been around since the dawn of the nuclear age. They are best described as failed Generation I technology ‒ “demonstrably failed technology” in the words of Allison Macfarlane.

      The number of operating fast reactors reached double figures in the 1980s but has steadily fallen and will remain in single figures for the foreseeable future.

      Currently, just five fast reactors are operating ‒ all of them described by the World Nuclear Association as experimental or demonstration reactors.

    9. Modular
      As discussed previously in The Ecologist, most of the handful of small modular reactors (SMRs) under construction are over-budget and behind schedule; there are disturbing connections between SMRs, weapons proliferation and militarism more generally; and about half of the SMRs under construction are intended to be used to facilitate the exploitation of fossil fuel reserves.

      SMRs aren’t leading to “cleaner, safer and more efficient energy production”. And SMRs aren’t advancing ‒ projects are falling over left, right and centre:

      Babcock & Wilcox abandoned its mPower SMR project in the US despite receiving government funding of US$111 million.
      Westinghouse sharply reduced its investment in SMRs after failing to secure US government funding.
      China is building a demonstration high-temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) but it is behind schedule and over-budget and plans for additional HTGRs at the same site have been “dropped” according to the World Nuclear Association.
      MidAmerican Energy gave up on its plans for SMRs in Iowa after failing to secure legislation that would force rate-payers to part-pay construction costs.
      Rolls-Royce sharply reduced its SMR investment in the UK to “a handful of salaries” and is threatening to abandon its R&D altogether unless massive subsidies are provided by the British government.

      Zombie reactors

      Fast reactors are demonstrably failed technology. SMRs have failed previously and are in the process of failing yet again. What else is there in the ‘advanced’ nuclear sector?

      Thorium? There are no fundamental differences between thorium and uranium, so building a thorium fuel cycle from scratch to replace the uranium fuel cycle would be absurd ‒ and it won’t happen.

      High-temperature gas-cooled reactors (HTGRs) including the pebble-bed modular reactor sub-type? This zombie concept refuses to die even as one after another country embarks on R&D, fails, and gives up. As mentioned, China is building a prototype but has dropped plans for further HTGRs.

      Paper reactors

      Claims that new nuclear technologies are leading to “cleaner, safer and more efficient energy production” are all fraudulent multitered conjobs

    10. Trump: “Our nuclear was getting very tired when I got in. Now it’s in tippy-top shape. Tippy top.”

      Pro-Nuke-Holocaust Denier Cory Booker Must Not Be President
      By Harvey Wasserman

      Senator Cory Booker has become a Pro-Nuke-Holocaust Denier and must not be president or vice.

      As desperate mostly-young millions march worldwide for the survival of our Earth, Booker embraces explosive atomic 500-F climate killing machines that are roasting Her.

      Any of our 96 badly run, rarely inspected US nukes could explode into a nuclear holocaust at any time.

      In Booker's New Jersey, three dying public-subsidized nukes spew heat, radiation and carbon. Their safety is "guaranteed" by Trump's fake Nuclear Regulatory Commission. They're dangerously decrepit, but what's he done to to guarantee their safety? (Hint: they can't get private insurance).

      Now he's Trump-style slandering the global grassroots safe energy movement for demanding nuke accountability.

      Nuke reactors spew gargantuan quantities of waste heat and deadly radiation. That includes Carbon 14, a global warming agent.

      Carbon-emitting reactor fuel production demands carbon-emitting mining, milling, transport and enrichment. So does fuel to run pools for spent rods that will explode if not forever cooled (see WIPP, New Mexico).

      40 years ago this month 90,000 eco-fans heard the Musicians United for Safe Energy Concerts over five nights in Madison Square Garden. Some 200,000 rocked our rally at Battery Park City.

      Three Mile Island had earlier poured radiation into central Pennsylvania. TMI's owner denied the melt-down, the emissions, the health impacts.

      But after the concerts I visited local farms, met the families, consulted their doctors...and veterinarians... The feds had long since predicted a reactor accident could wipe out an area the size of Pennsylvania and kill thousands.

      At kitchen tables I heard awful tales of death and disease, of stillborn infants, dying children, Down's Syndrome, dead animals and orchards. I held a dog born with no eyes, saw a cat that couldn't stand, horses that couldn't breed, a pile of dead wild birds. The Baltimore News-American confirmed the stories, as did Dell/Delta's Killing Our Own: The Disaster of America's Experience with Atomic Radiation (now free on line), and others.

      In 1996, in Kiev and Russia, I heard far more/worse stories from Chernobyl survivors. I will not return to Japan, where I'd joined giant marches demanding Fukushima not be built on seismic faults washed by tsunamis.

      Over nearly a half-century of activism I've never met a No Nuker who denies climate change. Saving our eco-balance remains everywhere a major motivation to shut all nuke reactors before the next one blows up.

      But now the come-lately genius Corey Booker tells us we're all Climate Deniers.

      He might've joined the debate with dignity and respect. But since any of the three falling-down Trump-run nukes in his own state (where I have children and grandchldren) could at any time render the entire east coast a radioactive ruin, filled with human agony and ecological horror, let's just call him what he is: a Holocaust Denier.

  2. This happens to communities. Boulder,CO was a good place to live until it became a bit famous in the early 1990's. Then it was invaded by the rich and the place was ruined. It is so PC that even ordering a cup of coffee can be hazardous. And driving is dangerous. However, you will get eye strain looking for a fat person. Men are largely prohibited,that is, if a man you need to play it down with soft colors and a swinging gate. Put a little lip stick on and some rouge and fit in. This has happened to many places in CA. If you want a natural place to live pick out a dumpy part of the country with a dying economy . . . And stay alert to reformers.

  3. Mr. Know-it-all. I am not a democrat, Mr. Know-it-all. U think fluoroscope have fluorine in them. You live a a TV bubble, fantasy world, Mr. Know-it-all and u do not even know that world very well.

    1. Sorry if I seemed to insinuate that because you are a chronic liar that you had to be a democrat. You could be an anarchist or a member of the Know Nothing Party. Again my apologies.

    2. The troll breaks out and shows its true colors. Nothing civil about this troll. Undoubtedly one of the the ilk that destroyed enenews or one of the agents. Shows u how important nuclear is to them. They have the deep pockets and the drive of thanatos

  4. They barely knew what the composition of nuclear bomb fallout, was by 1959. They knew very little about molecular genetics and gentic damage. They did see the horrendous damage potential from unethical human and animal experiments and yet, they continued anyway. They invented a completely bogus science around radionuclide toxicology, called health physics to coverup the lies and continue the insanity. Enenews was a good free space for a couple of years, although their were a few counterintelligence ringers that became nested in the discussion pages. The Germans have been able to throw out nuclear since Chernobyl and Fukushima.

  5. Those individuals with a little scientific talent and interest have long ago recognized that climate change,aka global warming, is a hoax. But perhaps even they considered it harmless enough.

    Now both left and right want nuclear power before NYC is under water. I have tried to point out this danger here, but usually the nuclear puritans have scolded me severely for the lapse in faith.

    So how many nuclear power plants will be needed in order to completely phase out all coal, oil and gas powered operations? So it wasn't really CO2 these people had in mind but U235. And they have clearly tricked a lot of people into doing something that formerly would have been verboten in the extreme.

    In this day and age not being scientifically astute is a real liability as science is the new religion. Marx recognized that religion was the opiate of the people and was very careful to conceal that his Communism was really a religion.

    It is probably too late now to renounce CO2. Will most of those who have hated the nuclear now learn to love it? When celebrities like George Clooney and Taylor Swift profess their undying love and devotion to U235? who can hold out? We will just have to wait and see.

  6. Donald Trump both worships nuclear power and climate denial. I will not watch a flakey partisan propaganda video put up by you. I could careless what celebritys support nuclear reactors. There have been no lessons learned for the nuclear industry in the world and, or in the US since Fukushima and Chernobyl. People who do not want reactors on the verge of meltdowns and that do not want to pay gor subsidizing them would not be forced into it, in a democracy

    US nuclear power plants remain at risk from flooding

    He is doing nothing to reinforce them or close the ones bvulnerable to catastrophe.

    And the US nuclear industry is pushing for and get less regulation. Some have virtually no regulation.

    Many reactors in the US have less supervision than Fukushima did and that is just abyssmal.
    Trump is actively soliciting less to no supervision at reactors. The recent Ohio debacle is very real.

    They want less to no supervisionat Fermi.that had a meltdown in 1966

    Flakey troll changes its tune to suit its needs. At the rate things are going there will be a nuclear accident soon

    1. Typical vacuous responses, repetitious and fail to address what appears to be the advent of lots of new nuclear power plants. Well, maybe the new ones will be as safe as coal powered plants?

      I wonder if Anonymous is simply an automatic operation based on some software designed to scan blogs and devise fairly believable responses?

  7. A list of celebrity nuclear pushers is vacuous gossip troll. Bad propaganda videos are vacuous troll. They are full of viruses and tracking viruses.
    There have been severeal explosions in SMR reactors. Demented old trumptroll plays childrens games on the internet

  8. Please keep in mind that probably most
    Anonymous' comments are the production of rather bad software. Best left unread as they are designed to denigrate ideas and people. Programmer is demented or has had head injuries.

  9. why do u bother w this blog troll? it must be important. Too bad about the nuclear holocausts u and your evil shit minions are pushing for. Everfy radioactive dog will have it's day even the smugest and most mentally ill sociopaths among them

    1. Soon we will each be able to have our own home nuclear power source. That is just how safe nuclear has become.

  10. Get one installed. U can be the prototype test house

  11. I knew I could count on you for enthusiasm and genuine support. We should both get one and see who disappears first.

  12. It shows how stupid you are. It would cost a million dollars. They might zone something that stupid in a place like Boulder.

    You could get good solar panels and a battery for hundreds of doallrs but, u are a atupid crazy little man that likes to exaggerate to the extreme.
    You would fantasize about having a little dirty bomb, in your yard that would probably kill you in a few months.

    1. Three cheers for nuclear power in a match box . . . one speck of youraineum will do it just fine. Fueled then for eternity.

    2. Passive-aggressive, jibber-jabber

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