Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Purges and Silent Coups

President Trump is removing officials in Homeland Security and in the Secret Service. His record of removing his appointees is unprecedented.

I once asked a person closely connected to the circuits of power in Washington how a president could most effectively consolidate executive power sufficiently to constitute a "coup" of our representative democracy. 

The answer was through strategic political appointments.

Although in Trump's case, it seems that he is struggling to find those:

Baker, P., Haberman, M., Fando, N., & Kanno-Youngs, Z. (April 8, 2019) Trump Purge Set to Force Out More Top Homeland Security Officials. The New York Times,
President Trump moved to clear out the senior ranks of the Department of Homeland Security on Monday, a day afterforcing the resignation of its secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, as he accelerated a purge of the nation’s immigration and security leadership. 
...The latest departures, along with previous vacancies, will leave the Department of Homeland Security without a permanent secretary, deputy secretary, two under secretaries, Secret Service director, Federal Emergency Management Agency director, ICE director, general counsel, citizenship and immigration services director, inspector general, chief financial officer, chief privacy officer and, once Mr. McAleenan moves, Customs and Border Protection commissioner....


  1. There is not much rhyme or reason to anything in america anymore or, what its government does.

    It is falling into decay. America's military is too lame, bloated and corrupt to do anything in murica or anywhere in the world. It is a damaged, amoral evil-empire.

    People are getting sick and demented from the pollution and radiation. Especially the decadent rich and politicians. Brain fungus, heavy metals, radiation, chemical poisoning, skyrocketing cancer and heart disease rates.

    The civil war meme is all nonsensical and yet the extremist Bannonite neonon, screw-heads say that if anyone criticizes fuko and his white-supremecist NuclearWar crazy, imbeciles, they will start a civil war!

    Americans are too sick , stupid , lazy and selfish to do civil war. Another sick violent-fantasy, of a deranged and disconnected, crud-for-brains ruling class.

    If a large group of us die from a series of nuclear accidents , the old shoddy reactors will start popping.

    The deranged-politicians and the demented fuko, are now threatening limited or full nuke wars. Decadent wallstreet, elite, and military nucleoapes that have lost their moral compass and sanity.

    There will be armagedon with any nuclear detonations. It will set off floods of radionuclide fallout, from nuclear fuel and waste fires across the country.

    Boeing Jet-Makers, cannot even make jets, that dont crash anymore, in murica . They mounted the motors incorrectly and had to make rediculous software to counteract that incredible engineering error.
    It is a metaphor for how demented, corrupt and delusional corporate-america and their partners, the MIC and government have become.

    What an absurd chaotic, evil place murica is. A chemical and radioactive sewer and wasteland where the incompetent leadership is hellbent on destroying everything and everyone

    1. If I felt the way you do, I would not hang around to see how much worse it can get. Of course you may already be in some better place?

      Looking recently at photos of Berlin and Potsdam in the summer of 1945; it was rubble, rubble everywhere. Not really different from Hiroshima. But the early 1960's the "evil capitalists" had Berlin looking good and running well. Unfortunately the good Communists had not done much to perk up East Berlin which was ultra drab still.

      If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, perhaps so are other things like decadence and decay, sickness and corruption. Check you local Walgreens for just the right eye drops!

    2. Ur a dumn old things in its last days and no one could care less what u think

    3. I have had trolls like you, telling me they wish i were dead. It shows me how effective my invective is. They say that i should kill myself . It is funny to watch old fluffed up rotten, pork-rinds, flail in the wind, in the end stages of this nucleo-corporate morass. Quite sadly ironic that a librarian rails about corporate execellence and individual mediocrity, in an insane nucleoape corporate culture, that is poisoning itself and its host to deth so rapidly now.

    4. This is an example of how deranged Japan and America have become. Double down on insuring certain, catastrophic Fukushima events on the face of a dying nuclear-industrial world. The Japanese Nuclear octopus wants maximum service of aged reactors extended over 60 years.
      Clinical insanity.


    5. https://youtu.be/XuKjBIBBAL8

      Invasions of Cordyceps fungus in living creatures

  2. Some years ago a popular book called In Pursuit Of Excellence was published. I read the book and was struck by one fact it highlighted. The authors found that the hiring managers of the very best companies were really no better at selecting candidates for a job than those considered mediocre. HOWEVER, best corporations were very good at churning out bad choices within say six months or so, whereas it took the mediocre a couple of years. So Trump is giving these hires some time to perform and then if they fail he sends them on. Consider how few successful business men have been president. Very few.

    Your choice of the word "purge" is ideal in suggesting that Trump is secretly hoping to take over the gov and do nefarious things. And I am sure academia is full of individuals who believe he is a very evil man . . .

    Actually Kurt Godel the great logician in studying to become an American citizen discovered a flaw in the Constitution that he believed would allow for your fear to happen. He wanted to tell the judge but his sponsors dissuaded him. One of them was Albert Einstein,

    Now if you are really sincere you might approach the philosophy department at your university and see if you can find out what the flaw was. I have researched the matter in vain. Godel was very sharp so I am fairly certain he was right. Why go to all the trouble you suspect Trump might be going to when there is an easier method?

    Please let me know what the flaw is.

  3. The four US presidents preceding Trump were in my opinion unusually bad. Perhaps you were a fan of Clinton and Obama? I suppose one has to be in the right environment to appreciate some persons. Or have unrealistic values and goals. In the case of Presidents it seems to me that people either view them as having enormous unchecked power or being weak and indecisive. And then we have the Senators.

    Today Chuck Schumer: At the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday, CNSNews.com asked Senator Schumer, “The Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act says that a baby who survives an abortion must receive immediate medical care and be admitted to a hospital. Do you believe that denying such care constitutes infanticide?”

    Schumer said, “You know, this issue has been brought up over and over again. It’s bogus in terms of how our Republican friends are interpreting this.”

    “Infanticide is against the law, and a woman has a right to decide what is her choice with her doctor before that moment before the child is born. So, this is all — again — fear-mongering and falsification of what is happening. Infanticide is already illegal.”

    He might have said simply, 'Once the child is out of the woman's body letting it die would be infanticide.' But is that what he wants his audience to understand?

    And really it is remarkable how in a matter of seconds a biological entity can go from being a non person to a person. Clearly not a biological event but a social event. But terribly strange.

  4. For an historian well read in the world of the Reformation the situation in the USA now must be reminiscent of the venom and hatred that existed between Catholics and Protestants and which did not go away for centuries. The Thirty Years War might be seen as one of its outcomes. I believe Aldous Huxley thought that the Thirty Years War under laid the Second World War. In any case it was one of the most destructive ever with eight million fatalities. Of course I am not predicting something like that for the USA at present, but it does seem like the amount of rage is disproportionate to what is going which is pretty good as nations and times go.

    Now were Bolton and Pompeo to work us into a war with Iran, well then this anger would flow into that channel; and deadly enemies could again see eye to eye. Iran has a lot of missiles with conventional bombs aimed at Israel, and Israel might feel justified with using some nuclear weapons. What Russia might do is unknown but it would surely be a big nightmare of a war.

    Does America need war to have peace?

    And there is still Libya. But if it takes a war to bring peace to this nation . . .

  5. Obama purged the military higher ups. Trump does the same for Homeland Security.

    They want those in the chain-of-command to get with the pogrom.

  6. Assange's arrest brings up all the darkness of this century. Will Trump do what is right? I am pessimistic.


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