Sunday, October 14, 2018

Bankers Discover Ethics, Briefly....

According to Reuters, global finance has just discovered that Saudi Arabia has an ethics problem. Apparently the war in Yemen doesn't count:
Robert Cox (2018, October 14). Breakingviews - Cox: Global finance has a Saudi Arabia problem. Reuters.
The top American, European and Japanese banks and investment firms do business with many governments and regimes their executives can’t be particularly proud of at dinner time with the family. They rationalize the work by saying if they don’t do it, someone else will; and, anyway, they’re in no position to judge the political systems of other nations. These are potentially defensible arguments...
....This year, Saudi Arabia generated $247 million in fees from selling securities, arranging loans and advising on deals, according to Refinitiv....
....Citigroup, Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Mitsubishi UFJ, BNP and Crédit Agricole fill out the peloton of top fee earners....
My guess is that the bankers wouldn't have any trouble financing the Saudi's ambitious plans to build at least 15 nuclear reactors over the next 25 years with an anticipated cost of plus $80 billion (Habboush & Stanley, 2018, here).

In April of this year, Saudi Arabia and the US began talks regarding a nuclear cooperation agreement. The type of agreement is called a "123 agreement" that references the section of the 1954 Atomic Energy Act mandating US share peaceful nuclear energy technology, equipment and technology with other nations (Reif, 2018 here).

Because of course the Saudis are so peaceful, as are the beneficent Americans. The Saudis say they have other options if the US walks away from the deal (here and here).

Saudis may finance their nuclear plants with their own Riyad Bank but there are plenty of bankers willing to finance nuclear as documented at this excellent website:
Don't Bank on the Bomb
Profits before ethics!



  1. Right wing governments like saudi arabia, USA, Hungary, Japan love nuclear power. Michael Flynn was negotiating this deal w the Russians and Saudies,before Trump took power and appointed him. Now the corrumpt scheme, is not in the news yet, the deal goes on


  2. This is what Bloody Henry Kissinger, Bloody Donny perry, abbot  are upto now

    France, Japan, The USA are hauling in trains and trucks, millions of pounds, of the worst radioactive waste through ports and across the USA to Texas . IT will be stored in West Texas. Megatons of the most dangerous, poisonous, evil shit on earth. Large shipments trucked and trained, across every corner of the USA. Hauled on unsuspected road and railroads, in America. One rupture could wipeout a small town.

    The most dangerous shit on earth. Each cask has tons, of the highest level radioactive poison on earth. Full of Strontium 90 , radioactive cesium, plutonium and more.

    Any small amount, can be made into nuclear and or dirty bombs.

    It is stored in the flimsiest containment, on a concrete pad, in one of the hottest places in America by Midland, Texas.

    If one of the thin casks ruptures, or it sets off a fire, it can cause multiple ruptures of the huge casks. It can cause fires and perhaps explosions. So much  hi level nuclear death, dangerously stored, in the flimsiest containment, in one place. Never done before.

    A catastrophe can ensue that will poison Texas, NM, Ok, Co, Utah, Arizona. As if those states are not contaminated enough. The catastrophe will affect Mexico too. Nobody gives a shit, in Murica or Mehico. Bidnessas and massive corruption as usual.

    Remember how WIPP blew in New Mexico? Those drums of plutonium in kitty litter. They could not access it for months.

    Three, large hi level casks in idaho blew up, in recently.

    The company nuclear waste company is owned by Henry Kissinger of Nixon neocon fame. Of course no regulations binding bloody Henry. So is above ground concrete pad, in Texas owned by Kissinger.

    Remember the SCi Fi show , Space 1999 from the seventies. The base story of the show was a massive explosion of huge amounts of plutonium nuclear waste. In the show, set in a future later than 1978, massive amounts nuclear waste stored on the dark side of the Moon Blow up. It knocks the moon out of orbit.

    We know now, that hi-level rad waste is very volatile. Generates its own heat. The radionuclide alpha, beta, gamma, and neutrons degrade containment relatively quickly.

    The waste may not cause criticalities, but could poison millions. How frikin stupid is that?

    The attorney General of texas, is getting kickbacks. So is the Rump family and Rick Perry. Just when u thought it might not get much worse, with the trump turds.

    A 1000 tons, already there. Stored above ground, in Texas heat.

  3. Things pretty awful n murica. Country controlled by corporate duopoly. One part are homicidal maniacs calling for genocide and practicing genocide. Othwr sits back and enables them and muzzles people, when they try to do say or do anything. Has ists operatives muzzle sanity and tue justice and reason.

    The corporate masters and their toadies practicing genocide by leaving old reactors open and derwgulating them.

    By piling thousand of tons of hilevel waste. Above ground. Thin stanless steel containment. Containment that is corroded wi a month of being filled with highly concentarted gamma beta alpha neutron emitting radionuclides. 1 millionth of a gram will kill ya.

    Lids of the containers not sealed. Seams already failing from shoddy fabrication.

    Plutonium when oxidized, starts fires. It is pyrogenic. So, when a container cracks the plutonium starts oxidizing and making gasses, as well.cesium137, stront90,cobalt60,plutonium. A pound of that shit could destroy a small city.

    This country has lost its sanity far worse than ever before.

    1. Owned and operated by Trumps good buddy bloody Henry Kissinger. Set up w corrupt money transfers to the Trump family and Doe crook RIck Perry. Their blessing given to Bloody genocidist Henry Kissinger.
      Kissinger, who murdered ao many in laos cambodia.

      America is the most insane, amoral country in the world. It unleased more than a thousand openair nuclear bombs on it's own people!

      Countless amounts of nuclear death. Death like the st louis landfill genocide, on its own people!

      Trump now testing tactical nuclear bombs in nevada again.

  4. The problems found in the US, Japan, Russia, China, etc are endemic.

    How can we use CIVIL means to reform our governance? I strongly condemn violence for many reasons but first among them is violence is an ineffective strategy for bringing about positive change, as history illustrates effectively.

    1. Violence is not an answer. Civil chaos would make it worse. No one to mind the fuel pools or massive rad dumps. There are those that pitch prepping and violence on the right. Who would want to live in want would be left. Insanily! There are places, that have moved away from the nuclear nightmare.


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