Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Department of Homeland Security Media Monitoring Services

You've probably already read by now the solicitation by the Department of Homeland Security Services for media monitoring, not simply of mainstream journalists but also of bloggers and other social influencers.

You can read the specific statement of work for the proposed media monitoring services at this website here:

Here is an excerpt from the document:


1.1  Background 
NPPD’s mission is to lead the national effort to protect and enhance the resilience of the nation’s physical and cyber infrastructure.  NPPD includes the Office of the Under Secretary (OUS) and five sub-components: the Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C), the Office of infrastructure Protection (IP), the Federal Protective Service (FPS), the Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) and the Office of Cyber and Infrastructure Analysis (OCIA), which are headquartered with the National Capital Region (NCR).  Along with NPPD/OUS, Public Affairs is responsible for media communication.

1.2   Scope 
The contractor shall provide NPPD/OUS with traditional and social media monitoring and communications solutions.

Services shall enable NPPD/OUS to monitor traditional news sources as well as social media, identify any and all media coverage related to the Department of Homeland Security or a particular event. Services shall provide media comparison tools, design and rebranding tools, communication tools, and the ability to identify top media influencers.

NPPD/OUS has a critical need to incorporate these functions into their programs in order to better reach Federal, state, local, tribal and private partners.


2.1       Tasks One:  Online & Social Media Monitoring

           Ability to track global online sources for coverage relevant to Washington and the six media hubs:
·        Ability to track > 290,000 global news sources
·        Ability to track online, print, broadcast, cable, radio, trade and industry publications, local sources, national/international outlets, traditional news sources, and social media
·        Ability to track media coverage in > 100 languages, including Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Translation function to instantly translate these articles to English.
·        Ability to create up to 20 searches with each unlimited keywords
·        Unlimited coverage per search (no cap on coverage)
·        Ability to change the searches at keywords at any given time
·        Ability to create unlimited data tracking, statistical breakdown, and graphical analyses on any coverage on an ad-hoc basis

2.2       Task Two:  Media Intelligence and Benchmarking Dashboard Platform

24/7 Access to a password protected, online platform for users to access:

·        Overview of search results in terms of online articles and social media conversations
·        Customized and Interactive Dashboard that provide real-time monitoring, analysis, and benchmark of media coverage.
·        Ability to analyze the media coverage in terms of content, volume, sentiment, geographical spread, top publications, media channels, reach, AVE, top posters, influencers, languages, momentum, circulation.
·        Ability to select time-period of analysis: per day, week, month, and selected dates
·        Ability to build media lists based on beat, location, outlet type/size, and journalist role
·        Automated weekly overview of these dashboards sent via email

2.3       Task Three:  Email Alerts
Daily email alerts with new search results:
·        Ability to customize these email alerts per user

2.4       Task Four:  Access to Mobile app  

24/7 Access to a password protected, mobile app for users to access:
·        Overview of search results in terms of online articles and social media conversations
·        Ability to view coverage written in Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Ability to access English translation of this coverage within the mobile app.
·        Ability to set up push notifications to be alerted of new search results
·       Ability to forward media coverage via email, sms or what’s app

2.5       Task Five:  Media Engagement      

24/7 Access to a password protected, media influencer database, including journalists, editors, correspondents, social media influencers, bloggers etc.
·        Ability to browse the database based on location, beat and type of influencer
·        Ability to perform ad-hoc searches on the database based on keywords, concepts, or using Boolean search terms
·        Ability to perform searches in other languages including Arabic, Chinese and Russian, in order to find influencers that publish in these languages.
·        For each influencer found, present contact details and any other information that could be relevant, including publications this influencer writes for, and an overview of the previous coverage published by the media influencer
·        Ability to create unlimited media lists for specific topics
·        Ability to export the contact details of the media influencers per media list.
·        Ability to send out unlimited press releases via the platform and to monitor the open-rate of the press releases send out.
·        Ability to manage contacts

MAJIA HERE: The aim of total media surveillance is supplemented by an outright push for propaganda creation. 

US H.R.5181 - Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016114th Congress (2015-2016), simultaneously penalizes providers for “fake news” posted on their sites and promotes production and dissemination of government “fact-based” narratives to counter fake news that escapes the newly emerging filtering devices. 

The act aims to "develop a comprehensive strategy to counter foreign disinformation and propaganda and assert leadership in developing a fact-based strategic narrative" AND promoting a free press in countries vulnerable to foreign disinformation, as illustrated in this excerpt from the bill: 
(4) the challenge of countering disinformation extends beyond effective strategic communications and public diplomacy, requiring a whole-of-government approach leveraging all elements of national power; 
(5) the United States Government should develop a comprehensive strategy to counter foreign disinformation and propaganda and assert leadership in developing a fact-based strategic narrative; and 
(6) an important element of this strategy should be to protect and promote a free, healthy, and independent press in countries vulnerable to foreign disinformation.
Welcome to the new world dis/order.


  1. So now the oligarchs, and far right have their propaganda websites like rense, jones, enenews comments, and they will intimidate any thing and everyone else.
    Not to be unexpected. The reptiles at enenews trolled all the antinuclear activists off.

    Great guys the mercers, kochs, trump, adelson, neocon democrats. Total consolidation of power by the rich, the nucleoapes, the warmongers.
    Maga its what the 20% wanted.

    We, who live in nuclear countries are not free anyway.

    Trump, Started mining the uranium shit again.

    Radioactive shit, is shipped all over the country to make bombs, for the massive nuclear death reactors, the shit they say they use in medical to kill people. It is everywhere omnipresent. Trumpo encourage you, yes all you good muricans , to eat japanese food. It is your patriotic duty to support the japanese Olympics! Vote for the liar in chief and its evil nuclear minions, go to enenews and talk about what a great guy trumps is. Stupid evil shits.

    Its in the air water food soil. Any particle and or bolus will ruin ya, or kill ya in a bad way. It does the same to loved ones, radioctive, radionuclide murder.

    Absolute consolidation of power by the Trump nazis and fascists.

    Enformable, can be dull, but it is antinuclear. Has been blocked a while for me. I do not know about anyone else.

    The weasles, liars, trolls, backstabbers, spooks, killers, they control things now

    1. This is terrible I cannot get into the Enformable site either.

      Error establishing a data base connection.

      How long has the site been down/unavailable? It was one of the very best sources of alternative analysis on plant conditions, probably THE best.

      I wonder if there are any videos still up on Youtube?

    2. There are a few Youtube Videos from Enformable up. When I try to open enformable twitter, cannot do it. takes me to some bogus site, where they try to get into my device. There is some soart of tumblr enformable site. It does not seem authentic. Stange

    3. That is, when I go to twitter enformable,and try to open the link, i get taken to a bogus game site. The regular says it cannot establish a database connection. The twitter acount will not open. Just the header. I tried yesterday. A week ago it opened. I am very upset.

  2. Ends justify mens christofascist dominionist, bigots-antilife ignoramuses. Hard core narcicissists, haters, psychos and verious other greedy creeps, glulpers devils without a cboncsience, control things now. Will they be stopped before their right wing militia death squads, prince mercenaries, police lackeys, suckasses are turned on the murican people for wholesale slaughters. And mor maseive gulag interrment?

  3. The new world/disorder was the trump, mercer, koch plan all along. Total consolitation of power. Total raping of the economy. Total mockery, and eventual destruction of democracy. How could the minions, be so moronic?

    1. I just find it hard to understand why so many people are hell bent on looting and pillaging

    2. There was a terrible darkness, bloodlust, that built up from years of greed, wholesale slaughter, before the last great depression. They just took everything, that most people had, away from them and felt completely entitiled and justified in doing so. Now the stakes are so much higher. The bloodlust, cruelty, appetite for incurring the most viceral and sadistic, suffering seems to know few bounds.

  4. Durango colorado is a very small town, with a significant homeless problem now. It is like this, all over murica. Not just the cities. Teeming millions of young, middled aged, children. What are the trump fascists solution? Austerity, cut things to the bone, more nuclear bombs and waste, more war.
    The solution for the homelss in Durango is to make them sleep on a nuclear waste dump outside of town.

  5. Bannon was always a deepstate spook and mercenary. Like Bob roberts handler, in the Gore Vidal Movie. His goal, is to to stir shit up in the world, so the oligarchs and hedge funds can rape and pillage more locally. The bastard, could care less about the encroaching nuclear messes and totalitarianism. Wat a fuker.


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