Friday, June 23, 2017

Victory for US Veterans Exposed to Fukushima Fallout

The victory is that they can take their lawsuit forward, not that they won it:
Former Senator John Edwards Representing Thousands of United States Veterans Injured in Nuclear Disaster. Business Wire. (June 22, 2017). Available,

Ninth Circuit Rules Sailors Will Get Their Day in U.S. Court

RALEIGH, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the U.S. sailors who were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation assisting in humanitarian relief efforts to Japan following an earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Based on the ruling, the sailors are able to continue their suit against Tokyo Electric Power Co. Holdings Inc. (TEPCO) allowing the sailors to pursue their case in the District Court in San Diego. It is possible that the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima plant affected up to 75,000 U.S. citizens, even after TEPCO deemed the conditions safe.


  1. It took far too long for this decision, but, better late than never. It's a terrible time for all people exposed to TEPCO's radiation. Should the sailors win, it will be just, though I know it could never erase all the pain and frustration they've experienced. Hope and Love to them and their families.

  2. 1.Build nuclear reactors. Create more poisonous waste, leaks, and melt-downs. Heavy metal and radionuclide accumulation. Pesticide and organic pollutant accumulation. Political corruption. Corruption leading to lax regulation and supervision. Corporate corruption and reactor failure cover-ups. Reactor worker dissatisfaction and resentment. Overwork. Dangerous work cultures. More reactor accidents. Increased radionuclide pollution and baselines.
    2.Tipping points of genotoxicity and neurotoxiticity in inhabitants of the overconsumption economies. Tipping points where few people are willing, or capable of maintaining the flawed reactors, and old reactors anymore. More meltdowns and pollution. This is the primrose path the corporate shills and politicians are leading us down. The modular reactors of Terratec and Bill Gates are an even worse nightmare scenario.

    There are 18 hurricanes predicted for the Gulf of Mexico this year. The season usually starts in October. It has started in June. There are 42 crummy, old-reactors along the Atlantic seaboards, and Gulf of Mexico coastal plains. The coastal Plains that go from from Florida to Texas.

    None of the reactors have dependable backups. Similar to the situation at Palos Verde now.

    America, Russia, Ukraine, Japan are already in stage 1. Perhaps Japan and Ukraine are already in Stage 2.
    Who knows about worker safety in Russia. They produce a faulty MOX. The Russians will not even disclose the Mox specification or composition they are pawning off on the world and trying to pawn off on the United States.

    There was a Vice story recently about a huge Reactor meltdown in Russia. A reactor meltdown very few knew about.

    The Russians have large amounts of waste and abandoned nuclear subs in the artic that could blow at any time. The Russians have 10s of thousands of tons of nuclear waste by Norway that could blow at any time. Mayak is as bad or worse than Hanford. It is still in operation. It is used as a site to make MOX in Russia.

    A depleted uranium munitions depot in Ukraine was attacked and blown up in Ukraine, recently. Ukraine is exceedingly unstable politically and economically.

    Reactors at the zaprozhya complex, teeter on the the brink of meltdown. They teeter on the brink of meltdown because of poor to no maintenance. Same for other reactors in Ukraine. It is all like an inferno waiting for a match.

    1. Excellent analysis. I agree with your conclusions. We are in DEEP TROUBLE and I think the most-informed oligarchs know it, but want to keep the imminence of our extinction event hidden.


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