Thursday, October 27, 2016

Police Action Against Pipeline Protesters Violates Civil Liberties

Here are two accounts, the first from The Nation and the second from RT (video):
Zoe Carpenter. 2016. Militarized Police Are Cracking Down on Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters. The Nation

As police prepare to clear a camp set up in the pipeline's path, human-rights groups are concerned about abuses by law enforcement.

Suppressing reporting: Filmmaker facing 45 yrs in prison for filming pipeline protest speaks to RT. RT:


  1. If this were in a Latin American nation for example there would soon be an unfortunate massacre blamed on outside elements. Thus the power and might of the Corporation around the world. We have to stop treating corporations as simply large businesses. They are not at all like the friendly and diligent sandal maker's shop. They have large law firms that can string along a suit for years and exhaust the resources of the plaintiff. They can hire clandestinely thugs to threaten and vanish serious opponents. They represent fortunes and are not going to allow kind and gentle environmentalists to exploit them and some ridiculous laws to end their happy course. Think of it this way--the school yard bully is not the little runt but the guy twice everyone else's size. The corporations are simply bullies in disguise who spout "inspiring" slogans like progress is our most important product (GE), They have most of the characteristics attributed to psychopaths; and some actually over the years perpetrate a series of murders. We might just want to limit their size, wealth and influence! We might demand a regular investigation of their benefits to society. Imagine Monsanto on trial.
    DDT Agent Orange Glyphosate Etc.

    1. Yep, like this one,
      chevron vs. ecuador,

    2. Joel Bakan captured this well in The Corporation
      Video available at Youtube

    3. I mean what a madness with oil.
      They started that oilsand-mining when the price
      was up, I guess that is now on a halt.
      That is an extremely unefficient waterpolluting method of oilmaking.
      On the other hand I guess you could try
      recapturing that core oil from the polluted
      ecuadorian ground, which contains probably
      more oil than those tar sands !
      Cleaning up and generating back some oil.
      There is so much to clean-up...

  2. I do not care which part of the duopoly wins. Neither candidate will last their 4 year term if elected. Pepe escobar is an independent journalist. He has reported on Fukushima. He writes for independent, alternate media and the Asia time.

    This is the way it really is. So many lies, so much Hype spin

  3. I am part native. I have worked at every native nation in the country. Even Alaska. I was raised by monument valley. This shit makes me so.sick.


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