Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fukushima Daiichi October 2, 2016 (TEPCO Time Stamp) and Radiation Levels

According to Netc. data, radiation readings in the US and Japan over the last few days have been lower than they were a week ago (see discussion here), which is good but lends support to one commentator's argument that removing the panels from unit 1 brought radiation levels up in the jet stream.

I did match up the elevated radiation levels in the US using's system with the location of the jet stream on 2 days when levels were high and found a good match between the most elevated levels and the path of the jet stream through the US.

Of course, we don't know for certain that Fukushima was the actual source of radioactive contaminants in the jet stream given the recent earthquake in South Korea (see

South Korea shut down 4 plants due to the earthquake:
Jane Chung,Ju-min Park; Editing by Tony Munroe and Alison Williams. September 12, 2016. Four South Korea nuclear reactors suspended due to earthquakes. Reuters,
Its hard to know the source of elevated radioactive contamination when there are so many potential sources.

The worst of it is that government is so captured by war and industry that too often the response to evidence of growing contamination is to raise allowable exposure levels despite clear scientific findings on the dangers of protracted exposure to, and bioaccumulation of, radionuclides.

Rather typical looking for the last couple of weeks: