Tuesday, September 13, 2016

South Korea Shuts Down 2 Reactors After Earthquakes

South Korea shut down two of its reactors after two magnitude 5 earthquakes hit the country. I was very surprised to read that South Korean reactors are only designed to sustain a 6.5 or 7.0 earthquake. These are not very large earthquakes as compared to the ones that seem to regularly jolt Japan.

The article cites an anti-nuclear activist, Park Jong-kwon, who pointed out that reactors designed to withstand a magnitude 7.0 earthquake can be "knocked down" by a combination of smaller quakes (e.g., 4.5 and 5.8).

South Korea has 25 reactors! 

Building nuclear power plants in geologically active areas was insane:
Jane Chung South Korea's biggest earthquake triggers nuclear safety concern. Reuters, http://www.reuters.com/article/us-southkorea-nuclear-quake-idUSKCN11J0R2

Korea's Meteorological Agency said the two earthquakes, of magnitude of 5.1 and 5.8, occurred near the city of Gyeongju. They could be felt in the capital Seoul, over 300 km (186 miles) to the northwest....
Nonetheless, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co shut down four nuclear reactors at the Wolsong complex in Gyeongju as a precaution. South Korea's reactors are designed to withstand a magnitude 6.5 or 7.0 earthquake, according to the Nuclear Safety and Security Commission.



  1. Quite interesting. Japan and Korea have 75 reactors total. It is all so they could flood the world with garbage and poisonous consumer goods to pollute the ocean and world. They also flooded the world with cars that burn fossle fuels and put radium, polonium, thoriun, uranium, lead, radon into the atmosphere in massive amounts.

    We know what japan does with there nuclear waste. Burn it, try to export it, and dump it into the ocean. Korea probably does the same thing. I wonder what korea does with its industrial waste. If any npps go up in korea it will set off a chain reaction of npps because of their crappy grids, dense populations, and dense industrialization. All for love of money.

  2. Another nuclear power plant catches fire https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/09/12/fire-at-e-i-hatch-nuclear-power-station-in-georgia-usa/

  3. Actually the cars were generally better than the American and even European and lasted longer and were thus a good deal for a world a long way from dumping fossil fuels. Like everyone else the Japanese and Koreans wanted to survive; and were greatly aided by the USA in going where they have gone. As for the nuclear power plants obviously the business men were typically short sighted and after immediate gains. In this world power and wealth are rarely in the hands of the wisest people. And no matter how things are set up they always manage to get in control.

  4. Children within 15 km radius of Belgium reactor have 2-3 times higher likelihood of leukemia


  5. It is not easy but it is necessary to accept the fact that those who seem to be running the world are not by any means humanitarian or Christian. If they were then articles like these would never appear: "6.8 million teens & tweens are hungry in America, girls are trading sex for food" [like Sonia in Crime And Punishment!]or "Sugar industry blamed fat in fake studies published by New England Journal of Medicine" . . . etc. These Elite are without conscience in most cases and could care less if children die. In fact in some cases they go out of their way to assist,e.g. Bill and Melinda Gates experimenting on children in India. Lots of money does not make people warmer and more human. The USA sounds like a Charles Dickens novel. Can't this nation find enough money to feed its children? And tell the truth about nuclear power plants, glyphosate, GMO's? I guess not if the Super Rich are not yet Rich and Powerful enough. Even more shocking than the sheer fact of the number of teens without sufficient food was the response of readers around the nation who did not think the government should do anything! Meanwhile Obama brags about the recovered economy.

    1. http://circa.com/politics/issues/urban-institute-study-millions-of-american-teens-are-at-risk-of-starving
      best link for teens without food and also has map showing the rather Scrooge attitude of Americans with the no's easily outnumbering the yes's -- so much for kindness and generosity and compassion!


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