Friday, February 12, 2016

Fukushima Alert Update

I tried to post an alert regarding the heavy emissions at Enenews but received an error message that the site was under brute attack.

I also am not able to get Dropbox to work for me so that I can share pdfs of my screenshots. I'm not sure whether this problem is related or not but it is coincidental.

The source of visible emissions may be to the left of unit 1, which is on the far left of the TBS screen shots in the post below.

Heads Up Everyone in Japan and Downwind!


  1. cnn said today fukushima is stabilized. They must come put and say that when emissions are at critical and dangerous levels. enenews is degenerating badly. too bad

  2. Currently we have "accidental" poisonings going on near New York city as well as Los Angeles. I say accidental because both are the result of human negligence. Obama wants to eliminate coal though my understanding is that modern coal powered plants in the US are actually quite clean and in any case are not dangerous the way nuclear facilities are. Hardly a month goes by without some radiation related event occurring somewhere in the world which really means a threat for everywhere eventually. I believe we are rationally justified in concluding the following: The Elite do not mind the idea of a devastated planet, one too contaminated for most life. Hence, bring on the glyphosate, radiation, genetic engineering, fluoride, etc. This must strike one as madness; therefore, we are justified in considering these folk to be mad in the sense of psychotic. If you have enough money you can be crazy and hire people to protect you and prevent your insanity from reaching the news! We may also conclude that these people should not be holders political or economic power. We would certainly object if the asylums were to disgorge their inmates and help them find jobs as bus drivers, pilots, police, etc. for very obvious reasons. Yet it is easy to find quotes by high ranking military persons talking calmly about a WWIII, and politicians, respected scientists, billionaires, politicians, and other "important" folk talking about drastic population reduction by various means. In fact main stream media is full of crazy and irresponsible talk. There is no reasonable way to justify these power people and feel okay about their leadership and control. Until they are stripped of power they will continue to destroy life on this planet, and the planet is finite. At some point it will reach the limit of sustaining life and a catastrophic series of events will occur. Possibly the condition of the Pacific Ocean is the first of these events; what will be the next? Practically no one seems to be aware of the nuclear plants in the Ukraine which we know are in a very precarious position. Should they start failing Europe will have a problem worse than immigration.

    1. I don't understand the lack of concern for the future by any group, but especially elite decision makers. Don't the care about their children's children? Developing clean energy, protecting resources and making peace should be our goals. Especially as we are approaching the catastrophic cascade you write of.

      Coal produces radioactive particles also I recently learned. Energy is challenging, especially given our overconsumption

    2. Yes, I have myself wondered about the Elite's relationships to children -- their own. I think that is why I began to think they might actually be insane in some sense which great wealth and power somehow hid. This might seem preposterous but I exhausted all the other explanations I could think of such as space ships provided by ET's -- why would ET's want anything to do with such poor examples of human beings. When Truman heard that Hiroshima had been successfully bombed he was delighted and went to a movie on the ship where he was at the time. To me that seems pretty insensitive. I believe some Allied soldiers were even nearby Hiroshima and of course many civilians who had no choice regarding the war. And then there was Churchill's fire bombings. We just don't hang out in the right circles in order to get the drift of these minor god-people. However, this is a group that Donald Trump would know. I wonder how he views these people? Maybe it would be a considerable advantage as President to have a grasp of their mentality. I do not think Trump is one of them as looking his family over they seem normal enough and obviously are quite fond of him as far as I can tell. I have my fingers crossed! In any case we need to fire these rascals and maybe they can be studied in an asylum especially designed for them.

  3. Nobody and no living creature is getting out alive at this rate. Thers no plan, just massive overconsumption, greed, gluttony, nihilism and madness. lose-lose all the way.

  4. Think of all the acetone that goes into water tables fom women having their nails done.

    Think about huge oil refineries and chemical plants along the coasts of major waterways in new jersey, texas, mississippi, la, ohio, that concentrate heavey metals , thorium, radium and dump it into oceans, rivers, and even the great lakes.

    Pretty far gone. some countries still use tetraethyl lead in gasoline.

  5. obama rahm and david axelrod were up to their ears in graft in connection with nuclear power before obamas election. completeley in bed with exelon, exxon, and even ge. so is hillary.

  6. These kind of people are like the parents of the kid who pled the affluenza Defense for their son. The kid pled the affluenza defense after he took several xanax to get high, stole 2 cases of beer from walmart and drank, and then mowed down and murdered 4 innocent people. The affluenza kid also ejected and permanently paralyzed two teens in his truck at the site of the carnage.

    The kid had a dui before the murders. The kid was 16. The kid's dad has 10s of millions. The kid had his own house away from his parents houses. The parents bribed the judge in Texas and the kid got off on the affluenza defense With 10 years probation, and mandatory 1 year alcohol rehab. No jail time for 4 murders and several deadly auto assault charges.
    The Kid did not do the mandatory alcohol-drug rehab.

    Here it is 3 years later now. The kid was caught on youtube drinking so his mother ran him to mexico.

    His mother and him were caught with himdrinking at a strip club with. His rich mother was there footing the bill.

    They finally extradicted the rich mother and the now 19 yo affluenza guy back but he and she will only get another hamd-slappin.

    That is because that is the way it is for the elites in america. They dont care about anything but a good time for themselves at any expense.

  7. Trump has been bailed out of bankrupcy three times at the taxpayers expense by the way William


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