Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Africa: Slated For Western Economic Exploitation and Drone Policing

Two articles in yesterday’s the Wall Street Journal tell you all you need to know about US plans for Africa:

Christina Passariello and Suzanne Kapner (2015, July 13). Search for cheaper labor leads to Africa. The Wall Street Journal, B1, B2.
“Africa is the final frontier in the global rag trade—he last untapped continent with cheap and plentiful labor. Ethiopia’s garment sector has no minimum wage, compared with Bangladesh where workers earn at least $67 a month, according to the International Labor Organization. Garment workers in Ethiopia started at about $21 a month as of last year, the Ethiopian government said.

Adam Entous and Gordon Lubold (July 13, 2015). U.S. wants drones in North Africa. The Wall Street Journal, A1, A12.
“The US is in talks with North African countries about positioning drones at a base on their soil to ramp up surveillance of the Islamic State in Libya in what could be the most significant expansion of the campaign against the extremist group in the region. The establishment of such a base would help eliminate what counterterrorism officials described as one of the last and most pressing intelligence ‘blind spots’ facing US and Western spy agencies.

Africa is slated to be the next global sweatshop.

Sweatshop labor will employ farmers displaced by land grabs that are occurring throughout the continent.

Samuel Lowe (March 13, 2015) African land grabs; we cannot expect companies and financiers to regulate themselves. The Guardian, http://www.theguardian.com/global-development-professionals-network/2015/mar/13/african-land-grabs-companies--financiers-regulation

Self-regulation has failed. The financing for agriculture projects in the global south needs stringent controls to stop families losing their land and livelihoods

Drones will discipline through death those who dare defy the exploitation of their labor and the dispossession of their land. Welcome to the brave new world.



  1. western psychopaths always eager to create new and improved slave economies

  2. When there are too many wolves their prey all get eaten; and then the wolves starve. Eventually the corporations will not have any consumers with money and fold. Unfortunately the powers in Africa are wolves at this time and are happy to join the hunt along with the foreign wolves.


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