Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New World Order "Justice"

Gold, Russell (2015, May 19). Texas Outlaws Fracking Bans. The Wall Street Journal, p. A3:
[excerpted] Last year, a city in North Texas banned fracking. State lawmakers want to make sure that never happens again. On Monday, Rep. Gov G. Abbott signed a law that prohibits bans of hydraulic fracturing altogether and makes it more difficult for municipal and county government to control where oil and gas wells can be drilled. Similar efforts are cropping up in states, including New Mexico, Ohio, Colorado, and Oklahoma.... This is all part of a broader legislative and judicial effort, backed by the oil industry, to limit local governments' ability to regulate drilling.

Tracy, T (2015, May 19). WTO Rules Against US Meat Labels. The Wall Street Journal, p. A5:

[excerpted] "The WTO ruled against the US in a years-long battle over information on meat packages, saying country-of-origin labels required by the US discriminate against live-stock from Canada and Mexico... The WTO said Monday the country-of-origins labels 'impose a disproportionate burden on producers and processors of livestock that cannot be explained by the need to provide origin information to consumers"

THIS IS OUR NATIONAL FUTURE. We will be ruled by international corporate interests actively seeking to eliminate every health, environmental, and labor law that interferes with their profits.

Passage of the highly contested TRANSPACIFIC PARTNERSHIP will be the final nail in the coffin of liberal democracy, as explained by Elizabeth Warren:

Warren, Elizabeth (2015, May 8). I Agree With Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Warren's Blog

I have serious concerns about ISDS – a policy in the new TPP trade agreement that would let foreign companies challenge American laws outside of American courts.

I’ll give you a recent example of how it works: A big mining company wanted to do some blasting off the coast of Nova Scotia. The Canadian government refused to provide permits because it thought the blasting would harm the local environment and scare off fish that local fishermen needed to make a living.

Thanks to an ISDS provision in a past trade agreement, that mining company didn’t have to go to a Canadian court to challenge the permit decision – they went right to a special ISDS panel of corporate lawyers. Last month, the international panel ruled in favor of the mining company, and the decision cannot be challenged in Canadian courts.

Now the Canadian taxpayers may be on the hook for up to $300 million in “damages” to the mining company – all because their government had the gall to stand up for its environment and the economic livelihood of its local fishermen. And the next time a foreign company wants a blasting permit, what will the Canadian government do?


  1. And Tepco will now be challenging and subverting all US anti-radiation laws and regulations.

  2. Eventually nations will have to be scraped so that centuries of encumbrances can be eliminated. This will somewhat resemble bankruptcies. People will simply revolt against obvious miscarriages of justice. Or, nations will sink into the mire of despair and cease almost to function. A new not very habitable Dark Age.
    All our science and technology has done nothing but play out the human condition which remains unaltered and hard to bear.


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