Friday, July 11, 2014

Comment on EPA's Plan to Increase Allowable Radiation Exposure Levels

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My comment is quick, but pointed (hopefully!):
The EPA needs to adopt the precautionary approach. Any increase in exposure to radiation increases risks for a range of diseases and congenital conditions. Therefore, the EPA should reduce allowable exposure levels, rather than increase allowable exposure. The precautionary approach is based in the SCIENCE. 

Radiation is now known to have bystander and delayed effects capable of producing genomic instability. These findings have been replicated scientifically. Internally ingested or inhaled radionuclides pose special and enduring risks for exposed individuals. Most radionuclides – including uranium – are chemically as well as radiologically genotoxic. Research on Navajo children’s exposure to uncapped uranium mines in Arizona documents the terrible effects of internal emitters. 

The science is extraordinarily clear that raising acceptable exposure levels will measurably and significantly increase adverse human health effects. The EPA has the mission to protect human health. Raising allowable exposure levels is not simply bad for human health, it is incommensurable with the EPA’s mission. 


Majia Holmer Nadesan

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