Friday, June 27, 2014


TBS cam view is obscured in black static. TEPCO cam view depicts what looks like emissions:

I am blocked from commenting at Enenews still, although other people seem to be posting.


  1. I also got blocked. I was Capt. Nemo. I am afraid my sense of humor was both too pointed and subtle for someone. In any case I was erased.

  2. Congrats on the impact of your work.... enenews must be under enormous strain and surveillance, resulting in less postings from them, needless to say the situation is deterring at an accelerating rate, prompting increased latent samurai overhang.

    1. I think other people are being blocked as well

      I cannot even reach the login page.

      Why now? There must be a reason

  3. I have the same problem typing comments here

    At enenews the problem is I cannot get to login screen

    I wonder if the recent emissions are why


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