Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Fukushima Video

Thank you Nuckelchen for capturing clear evidence of emissions


  1. I may actually have to eat my words from the other day majia.

    It looks like the smoke is coming from the CSFP building in that video, but not the majority of it.

    If you look just to the left of the vent tower that is left of center in the frame,in the foreground you see the cooling equipment structure at the top of the CSFP building. As I recall, that Air Conditioning equipment is at the far end of the building (north end), while the camera is viewing from south to north. It looks like some open beams and structure - which is normal. On the left edge of it is a vertical black line or structure of some sort. and to the left of that, continuing to the edge of the frame to the left, is what appears to me to be a small smoke or heat plume. I haven't studied enough to know whether it is normal or abnormal, but I wouldn't think any heat should be emanating at this time. However it is January and likely very cold there, so I could be convinced this is not unusual.

    If it is a fire in the CSFP, that's really bad and really stupid.

    Now that does not appear to be the location of most of the smoke in this video. Most of the smoke is rising from somewhere behind the CSFP cooling equipment. It could be from just behind it and be from the north end of the CSFP, or it could be from a long way behind it.

    This appears to me to be a very large plume of smoke/steam.

    My bet is that it is coming from the very large fissure just to the west of the #2 building and it's pretty far in the background.. I've only seen this fissure on one photo that's been released. It normally gets photoshopped out, but it's huge, running next to the #2 building - essentially destroying the road that once ran along the west edge of the reactors.

    The only thing I can't reconcile is the amount of additional smoke coming from off-frame to the left.

    Note there is also a fire in the #3 building - likely in the SFP directly behind the red/white crane at the center of the frame, and it appears the normal plume from the pit at the north end of #3.

    BTW #3 building, even the new scaffolding looks very blackened right now.

    Despite all the propaganda about #4 falling, it looks to be the most stable thing at the site right now.


  2. Thanks James

    I just cannot get over how this disaster never seems to end at all and just keeps getting more overtly cover-up by officials


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