Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LDP and the Folly of Nuclear Deterrence

Last night I posted about the insanity of nuclear deterrence here

Today I read in The Asahi Shimbun that Japan's new hawkish LDP government plans on expanding military spending, particularly in the area of missiles

Defense Ministry targets economic stimulus with hardware requests January 09, 2013 THE ASAHI SHIMBUN

[Excerpted] The Defense Ministry has asked for additional hardware worth 180.5 billion yen ($2 billion) in a forthcoming supplementary budget intended to unleash a new economic stimulus before the end of this fiscal year. 

The requests include the purchase of Patriot Advanced Capability-3 surface-to-air guided missiles and upgrades to four existing F-15 fighter jets.Other spending would go toward such areas as new telecommunications systems for troops and the renovation of military bases in a total package worth 212.4 billion yen, a record request for an extra budget....

Majia Here: In 2008 Japan passed the Aerospace Basic Law of 2008, which allowed for technological developments in aeronautics for the purposes of national security. See my post for background:

Thursday, December 20, 2012 How Nuclear Energy in Japan Got Linked to National Security 

Now the LDP plans to increase spending on these missiles, for the purposes of "economic stimulus"???

Read Paul Bracken's The Second Nuclear Age Jan/Feb 2000 146-150: "Asia is shifting toward WMD and the ballistic missiles to deliver them..." p. 152

"what is now perceived in the West as a breakdown in nonproliferation policy is seen in the East as a push for national security"

Unfortunately, Nuclear weapons don't bring security. Instead, they produce instability by creating the possibility for near instant (geologically speaking) human annihilation.

The LDP and every other nuclear-weapons equipped nation on earth should read Morgenthau's essay



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