Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Headlines that Connect the Dots

“Energy Firms Seek New Answer to Security Risk” by B. Faucon, S. Williams, S. Said, and S. Kent Jan 29, 2013 The Wall Street Journal, p. A10

[excerpted] This month’s attack on an Algerian gas plan is forcing global oil giants to rethink protection of oil fields from the Middle East and Africa to the Arctic circle, a new reality that could potentially boost the cost of production. [end]

“U.S. to Expand Role in Africa” by A. Entous and S. Gorman Jan 29, 2013 p. A1, A11

[Excerpted] the US and France are moving to create an intelligence hub in Niger that could include a base, near Mali’s border, for American drones that could monitor al Qaeda-linked militants in Mali’s vast desert north, US official said Monday. The moves show the extent to which the US and France are girding for what could be an open-ended campaign against the militants in North and West Africa…. [end]

Majia here: Obviously the US and France are in Africa for oil and many people there are not happy about it.

The US "war on terrorism" in Africa has been partly outsourced, but now it will become official with a drone base to supplement the US North African Command Center. 

Attack drones will fuel “terrorism,” just as exploitative resource pillaging has already done.


  1. The war in Mali is a war for uranium. There is a mine in Niger that is in danger of being taken over by insurgents, and a large uranium deposit in Mali. France has an insatiable appetite for uranium due to its large number of nuclear plants.

    The Islamic rebels could make a lot of money by taking over the uranium.

  2. I agree - It's a war for uranium...sad, but that's the truth.

  3. Thank you! I wasn't aware of that....


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