Thursday, January 24, 2013

Economic Indicators for 2013

"McDonald's Issues Cautious Forecast" by Julia Jargon The Wall Street Journal p. B4

[Excerpted] McDonald's Corp.'s fourth-quarter earnings beat expectations, reversing two quarters of misses, but the world's largest restaurant chain said it expects tough times ahead...

McDonald's said it expects Jan same-store sales to be down as global economic uncertainty continues" [end excerpt]

Other headlines:

"Siemens Signals Looming Woes" WSJ Jan 24, 2012 p. B4

[excerpted] orders received fell 3.3% to 19.14 billion, signalling a possible decline in revenue in coming months" [end]

"Apple's Magic Wears Think as its Earnings Disappoint" WSJ Jan 24, p. A1.

Majia here: There is a trend here. There are exceptions however to downward expectations.

New auto sales are expected to rise

And Edward Harrison of Calculated Risk expects job gains to continue, not contract.

Unfortunately, as I've commented upon many times, new job growth tends to be in low-wage, part-time positions without benefits.

2013 promises to be more of the same gradual, post-recession decline in living standards unless some "black swan" event occurs.

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