Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More on Drone Warfare

"America's Murderous Drone Campaign Is Fuelling Terror" By Seumas Milne, Guardian UK 30 May 12

[excerpt] "More than a decade after George W Bush launched it, the "war on terror" was supposed to be winding down. US military occupation of Iraq has ended and Nato is looking for a way out of Afghanistan, even as the carnage continues. But another war – the undeclared drone war that has already killed thousands – is now being relentlessly escalated...."

Majia here: See my previous post

The amount of media coverage on this issue is really amazing.

The drone war really must be MASSIVELY ESCALATING for this much exposure, especially given I've found so much coverage in conservative news outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal (see my blog link above).

Of course, it must be great business for the military-industrial-surveillance complex.

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