Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lies, Lies, and Radiation Exposure

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The New Mexico Environment Department is Reporting that Plutonium, Cesium, and Americium were detected in the air from the Los Alamos Fire

The public was not notified at the time because the radiation levels did not exceed federal safety standards.

This story is simply outrageous. The truth is that there is no safe level of exposure by mammals to ionizing radiation.

There is no safe level of exposure to radioactive airborne contaminants that could be accidentally inhaled or ingested (the latter if they land on food)

The ridiculous statement at the site reads as follows:

"The air monitoring results for 137-Cesium, 239-Plutonium, and 241-Americium are below air effluent Concentrations as specified in Table II of NMAC, and are in compliance with "Dose Limits for Individual Members of the Public" and "Compliance with Dose Limits for Individual Members of the Public" as specified under NMAC."

Majia Here: People there is no dose that is OK for plutonium-239, Cesium-137 and Americium.

This statement by the New Mexico EPA is simply a rationalization that reads something like this:

"the risks to the public, including increase incidences of infant mortality, cancer, and respiratory and cardiac problems, are deemed acceptable risks"

Yet, the health risks are real. Some small number of people may develop cancers. Some people may lose infants.

These "costs" are simply deemed acceptable by the EPA in their cost-benefit-analysis.

That is the logic operative here. The EPA is saying that these health costs are acceptable because they are relatively low in number.

Yet, we really will not know how low these risks are until time has passed. And the data revealed from every new nuclear accident are supporting the conclusion that ionizing radiation is far more dangerous to human health than the early studies on Fukushima and Nagasaki revealed.

As Harvey Wasserman states, Safe Radiation is a Lethal LIE

View Fatal Fallout by Dr. Gary Null

Read: Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for the People and the Environment

Read The Plutonium Files

Read Deadly Deceit

Read Killing Our Own

Read Fallout

Read the numerous scientific studies published in academic journals and elsewhere documenting how low levels of ionizing radiation damage DNA.

There was absolutely no reason not to warn people to stay inside their houses when the radiation levels were at their highest.

People were not warned because they have little value in the calculus of decision-making until their deaths reach a point of undeniability (that is, a point whereupon they can no longer be denied). 

I believe the same scenario is happening around Fort Calhoun. The EPA's own data show elevated radiation levels in Omaha Nebraska and Iowa. These levels are "higher than normal" but still within the EPA's dose limits so the public is not informed and/or warned.

The lack of notification is all in the name of avoiding panic and public resistance to that energy of death, nuclear power.

I am outraged and angry and I believe you should be also...

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