Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tepco Video of Melt-Through Scenario

Blogger Ex-SKF has a must read post today on a training melt-through scenario video used by Tepco before disaster

Also read the comments...

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  1. Uh, steveo here....wondering why it took 8.5 hours to reset a circuit breaker? Even if it was originally adjusted wrong, why did the load increase? Why wasn't the load reduced, and have it reset right away? What in the world!

    Cause of Fukushima blackout identified

    The operator of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant says the interruption on Friday of a system that cools one of the spent fuel pools was caused by the incorrect set-up of a circuit breaker.

    A device that handles the transmission of power to reactors 3 and 4 malfunctioned shortly after 7 AM on Friday, shutting down the cooling system for the fuel pool of unit 3 as well as the water decontamination system.

    Although the pool water temperature did not rise, it took about 8 and a half hours to put all the equipment back online.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company said on Saturday that a circuit breaker had been mistakenly set up at one-third of the correct level, causing it to shut down prematurely


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