Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is Being Hidden at Fort Calhoun?

Why is it that no recent photographs of Fort Calhoun nuclear plant are available?

I just conducted a search on metacrawler for Fort Calhoun to find ANY recent news.

I did find a story published July 27 by a local news site, the Abderene News, stating the plant will not be restrated until the flooding receeds.

Yet the image accompanying the story is from June 14.

Another story with no new news published within the last few days also relies on the same June 14 image.

Why aren't more recent images available?

Let me put this another way, if all is FINE with the plant then why aren't the media allowed to "cover it" in order to reassure the nation that the plant is safe?

Here is an excerpt from the story linked above that is worth noting:

"Fort Calhoun employees have been using an elevated catwalk more than a quarter-mile-long each day to cross the flooded parking lot. But the utility has been able to keep the inside of its buildings and key equipment mostly dry with a network of flood barriers and a number of pumps. The main building at Fort Calhoun is at 1,004 feet above sea level, which is about 2 feet below Wednesday's river level of 1,005 feet, 9 inches.",0,258178.story

MAJIA HERE: let me repeat a key part of a sentence: "the utility has been able to keep the inside of its buildings and key equipment MOSTLY DRY with a network of flood barriers and a NUMBER OF PUMPS."

That does not sound good.

And tonight's radnet data make me think that yes the plant is VENTING "low levels" of radiation as hydrogen builds upon in spent fuel pools not sufficiently cooled by generators (this is simply my hypothesis based on the radiation release patterns I've observed).

Radnet data 7/31 10:20 PM Pacific Time

Omaha 112 beta

Lincoln NE 84 beta

Wichita 0 beta

Kansas city under review

Des Moines IA under review

Mason City 84 beta

Bismark ND under review

Pierre SD 112 beta

Rapid City SD under review

MN/St Paul under review

Billings MT 0 beta

Milwaukee WI under review

Detroit MI 0 beta

Grand Rapids Mi 62 beta

Bay City MI 75 beta

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  1. They think we've forgotten about this, but it's about to get worse. All 50 states of the U.S. set high temp records for July, and the snow pack is just getting into the 90's... the heavy and fast melt will make the Missouri rise even more.


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