Friday, June 24, 2011

What is Happening at Fort Calhoon Nuclear Plant?

There is evidence that there has been a recent uptick in the news blackout concerning Calhoun, coupled with cyber-attacks against the main source of community information and forums on nuclear issues (e-news).

Furthermore, EPA radnet data have selectively become "under review" in what appear to be relevant areas of Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, etc. Someone who knows the area should look at cities relevant in the event there was an accident at a nuclear plant on the Missouri.

Yesterday someone posted a link to a company that specializes in radiation emergencies and it had a hypothetical diagram of Fort Calhoun’s hypothetical radiation dispersion plume.... the link is now down because of bandwidth problems. The plume was represented as moving to the north east.

I'm trying to connect whether or not cities in the hypothetical area are the same cities under review at Radnet.

The Ft Calhoun Red Cross evacuation center was closed and evacuees presumably moved elsewhere. I read that in several media sources.

This string of data could mean nothing at all unusual, but it could also be something very unusual. I just don’t know...

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