Friday, June 10, 2011 Sabotaged????

My favorite tab for enews is not working

When I type into my browser (both internet explorer and mozilla) I'm ending up at Barnes and Noble.

What is going on?

There has been evidence noted in commentary on the site that hackers have infiltrated and stolen people's passwords, thereby allowing trolls to post comments using assumed identities.

Has the entire site been made unavailable?

That would be very disturbing because this site simply runs headlines from mainstream news sources and provides forums for discussion.

If it were hacked and made unavailable we would be witnessing a severe infringement of our First Amendment right.

It would also indicate how severe the crisis is--so severe that government or industry officials feel that discussion must be curtailed.

The truth must be very scary to the terrorists running our nuclear industry...

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  1. Same here, they are down. I get no response, not a redirect.

    Odd for sure. Truth is more in danger than radiation.


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