Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update June 19

Beta for Phoenix as posted by Radnet is 113. This is still way above "normal." Sacramento is 149 beta. Los Angeles, Fresno, Yuma, Bakersfield, San Diego all remain "under review."

NHK: "TEPCO opens doors at No.2 reactor"

Tokyo Electric Power Company says it has opened the doors and begun ventilation at the No. 2 reactor of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The restoration work inside the No. 2 reactor has been hampered by humidity of almost 100 percent due to steam from the containment vessel and spent-fuel storage pool.

TEPCO opened the doors halfway at 8:51 PM on Sunday. It plans to fully open them at 4 AM on Monday if there are no problems.

The utility has been using an air purification device for more than a week to reduce the radioactive concentration inside the building

The firm calculated that the level of background radiation around the plant after opening the doors would be 0.0014 microsieverts per hour. The annualized figure would be far below the permissible limit of one millisievert a year.

A TEPCO official told reporters on Sunday that the planned door-opening will have almost no impact on the nearby environment

MAJIA HERE: Does anyone really believe that opening the doors will not flood the local environment with high levels of radiation? Tepco tells the truth only when it casts a positive spin. All other truths are cloaked in the language of deception.

In other news, E-News has an interesting discussion of the statistical increase in infant deaths in sampled west coast cities in the 10 weeks after Fukushima. The comments in this discussion forum are very interesting.

I recommend reading the debate about the use of statistics and sickputer's comments about the state of the plant.

Finallly, I recommend looking at Washington's Blog's Global Nuclear Update

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