Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant and An Uncertain, Dynamic World

Lucas Whitefield Dixson has very good images up plus the 14 minute excerpt of Arnie Gunderson's interview on the state of the plant with the ongoing flooding


We live in an uncertain world and changing weather dynamics are demonstrating the fragility of our over-engineered food and energy systems.

Nuclear power plants have no place in a dynamic planet vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses from the sun.

Nuclear power plants have no place in climates prone to change, to dis-equilibrium, brought on by human activity, solar flares, or other unknown, unthought causes.

Nuclear power can only exist safely in a closed system with fixed inputs and no disturbances, no unplanned events, no positive feedback loops, and no room for error or innovation.

In their optimized envisioned form, nuclear power plants are an engineer's fantasy that echo the ancient Greek's fascination with perfect symbols and numbers, like ideal type triangles and circles.

In reality, nuclear power plants produce dangerous byproducts (radiation that contaminates water and soil) that remain poisonous to all life for thousands of year.

In our messy and uncertain reality, nuclear power plants can meltdown in less than 12 hours if power is disrupted. Spent fuel pools, those most dangerous of human inventions, boil off their water in 88  hours in power is disrupted. Next comes a fire of death and destruction, surpassing even most nuclear bombs in their power of devastation.

Nuclear power plants do not secure human existence--they dislocate it and may even, someday, exterminate it.

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