Monday, June 13, 2011

Regulators Knew Round-Up Causes Birth Defects

Hat tip Naked Capitalism

Huffington Post Lucia Graves "Roundup Birth Defects: Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Problems, New Report Finds"

WASHINGTON -- Industry regulators have known for years that Roundup, the world's best-selling herbicide produced by U.S. company Monsanto, causes birth defects, according to a new report released Tuesday.

The report, "Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?" found regulators knew as long ago as 1980 that glyphosate, the chemical on which Roundup is based, can cause birth defects in laboratory animals.

But despite such warnings, and although the European Commission has known that glyphosate causes malformations since at least 2002, the information was not made public.

MAJIA Here: Round-Up, Ionizing Radiation, Bt, Pesticides, Pthlates, PCBs, etc. The list goes on and on. We are poisoning our environment and ourselves. How many generations will it take before our offspring are so few and so damaged that we cannot successfully reproduce?

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