Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt and Israel

Apparently Israel has been sending out distress messages to western powers urging them to maintain Mubarak's authoritarian regime.

NPR today featured various academics in Israel and Israeli officials who made no pretense at democracy. Keeping Mubarak in power is best for Israel, they chimed in chorus.


I've never heard such blatant disregard for another country's sovereignty spoken publicly to the media!

I am astounded that Israeli public officials and academics would feel so comfortable dictating another country's government, on the air!

I know, of course, that the US, European powers, and Russia routinely interfere in other nations' internal affairs. The CIA has mastered this technique and now uses social media, among other less savory tactics, to try to incite and channel popular discontent to create "regime change."

Still, to say so openly, while exhorting foreign interference in Egypt, is amazing.

Israel must have lost its sense of propriety either because the nation has become unbalanced or because its officials are terrified. Or both factors may be involved.

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