Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Video: ROV Driving Through Clouds of Gas and Oil

This is a youtube clip of bubbles and cloudy material erupting from the sea floor.

The LA Times-Picayune reports that Dr. Robert Bea, the expert from UC Berkeley who is on the study group for this disaster, claims there were no underwater seeps before the blowout in this vicinity.

Washington's Blog has a good discussion of the article

At issue in all this debate about leaks and seeps is the structural integrity of the well head. If the well head is damaged (at or below the sea floor), the cap currently in place could force oil and gas out through the bottom of the sea floor, worsening the situation and further damaging the well head.

Matt Simmons claims that the sea floor was ruptured at the time of the disaster and the well casing destroyed.

If he is correct, the situation is worse than publicly acknowledged.

However, there has been no independent confirmation of his claims.

See previous post for link to audio interview with Simmons at King World News.

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