Wednesday, July 28, 2010

EPA Whistleblower Blasts BP Paid Scientists Who Say Oil Gone!

Kaufman is a senior EPA employee who has been a whistle blower for decades. He was recently on Democracy Now speaking about the dangers of dispersants for humans and marine life alike (see my previous post)

The excellent site Florida Oil Spill news has a brief clip of Kaufman stating that the oil is still present, but its dispersion and submersion are going to ensure its "around for decades."

Click here for a longer clip of Kaufman explaining how toxic the combined oil and dispersant mix is and how it causes cellular destruction. Kaufman claims the ONLY reason it was used was to HIDE THE OIL

The use of the dispersants are the exact same kind of cover and hide strategy employed by the banks with the change of mark-to-market accounting rules. And the bogus bank stress tests are like the bogus "all's clear" signals being conveyed by BP shills and local Gulf politicians who want to get the tourists in and the fisherman out to sea...

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