Tuesday, July 20, 2010

When a Government Does Not Protect Public Safety... There is no Gulf Safety

The U.S. is NOT a democracy.

This is a basic fact, a basic truth.

While not all governments that protect public safety are democratic, the inverse is most certainly true: authentic democracies protect public safety.

Arguing syllogistically we can see clearly that our government is not democratic.

Why? Our government does not protect public safety.

This assertion is proved by 3 established facts:

1. As revealed in a previous post, the government is not warning people away from beaches and coastal waters contaminated by toxic levels of petro-chemicals.

2. As revealed by network news, the government's efforts to screen fish caught commercially and headed for public consumption is limited to "taste tests" and includes no laboratory analysis of petro-chemicals or dispersant contamination.

3. Most recently, whistle blowers within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have alerted the public to the EPA's unwillingness to evaluate the health hazards of dispersants used in the Gulf. An excellent article on the EPA's obscene lack of concern for public safety can be found here at Mother Jones:

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