Monday, July 5, 2010

Will the People in the Gulf Understand the Dual Betrayals?

The people in the Gulf region (and the nation) have been betrayed by BP, which cut corners for money and then knowingly used toxic dispersants in the ocean. The people in the Gulf region who are "volunteer" workers are being betrayed by BP, which is not warning them of, or protecting them from, the dangers of oil and chemical contamination.

The people in the Gulf region and the nation have been betrayed by their government. The U.S. government is failing to protect workers, protect civilians, and failing to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

The media ban (see previous post) is a betrayal on 2 counts. It not only violates the important role of media in promoting transparency and accountability, but also signifies secrecy, a desire to hide, to elude discovery. This desire for secrecy is fundamentally antithetical to democracy.

What is it that BP and the U.S. Government want to hide? What is it that they do not want the public to know?

The US public are being betrayed by a government intent on secrecy. There is something to hide. What is it? What is being hidden is actually in plain sight. It is that our government is not transparent, it is not democratic, it is not accountable, and it is not concerned with the welfare of the populace.

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